Oct 31 2006

Another MeMe from Sean E.

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From: Oddessey2000 Weblog
1. List 5 foods you’ve never eaten:
– Squid – no thanks!
– Salmon – stuff stinks cooked or raw!
Criadillas (a spanish Tapa…look it up) – I’ve got plenty thanks.
– Cottage cheese (amen SeanE!)
– Liver – ewww

2. List 5 places you’d like to visit:
– Austrialia – would love to spend a week or two here
– Ireland – the motherland 🙂
– Spain -Wouldn’t mind going back to Spain now that I am old enough to appreciate it.
– I’d like to tour around Canada on my motorcycle
– Alaska, Russia, Maine, Italy, so many others.
3. List 5 things you hope to do in your lifetime:
– Scuba diving – emily and I did SNUBA diving on our honeymoon, and I took a class in college, but I want to do more!
– Visit said places in #2
– Make enough money that can I easily support my family and extended family and make sure my parents retire comfortably.
– drive 200mph
– skydive
4. List 5 things you would never wear:
– a thong.
– a real suit of armor in a lightening storm
– white jeans tight-rolled above multi colored socks and Chuck Taylors…okay, at least i won’t do it anymore.
– a popped collar. It was dumb in the 80’s and its STILL DUMB!
– all the dumb wrinkled, torn, faded styles that Abercrombie and American Eagle are trying to tout as stylish.

5. List 5 things you never want said to you:
– You are no longer a twin.
– Anything regarding emily’s health or well being.
– I didn’t see your dog run into the street…
– *Beep* Operating System Not Found, press any key to reboot
– Mr. Cahill, this is the RIAA….
– “it looks like the Tax preparer made a mistake and you owe the IRS $XXXX.XX”…oh wait…that did happen. Thanks H&R Block!

Oct 31 2006

Mirth, Musings, & More

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Mirth, Musings, & More

This is one of my favorite political blogs to read. Of course its democrat and quite critical of the Republican Regime. He’s witty though, and posts some good political comics.


Oct 30 2006

Ok…I’ve been slacking

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I haven’t posted a new blog in a long time (since Oct 4..holy cow!).. What I’ve been up to:

Been extremely busy at work (its trade show season and we have been releasing a bunch of new features).
Went to the annual Cinci DSM Shootout.  I may not own a DSM anymore, but I still have a lot of friends in the group (many of whom don’t own DSMs either anymore)
Ryan Gast and Jessica got married this weekend.  Was a nice wedding and a fun reception.
Emily and I went with Chris, Jim and Cathy, Dallace and Tina, and a few other people to see Spamalot in Cincinatti.  It was a whole lot of fun! (PS – I fart in your general direction)
I have a cisco networking class on Thursday nights.  Thursdays are very long days for me…luckily the class only has a few more weeks.  I’ve also ruined the curve in that class for others 🙂
I attended the LinuxFest Ohio with Jason earlier this month also, up in Columbus.  It was fun…and boy were their some nerd there 🙂
In other news, one of my best friends, Jeff N. will be leaving in a couple of weeks for a 12-14 month tour in Iraq.  Good luck Jeff!


Oct 15 2006


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I got back from The Walk to Emmaus tonight. I had an absolutely wonderful time. I was humbled to be a part of the team for this walk. I met some wonderfully beautiful souls this weekend and feel very close to them, even after only 3 days. I feel blessed to have been a part of their lives at that special time.

I found my next book…I know, I know, I already had the “kick the dog book” in mind, but one I purchased the weekend takes precedence over the other. It’s called “Surprise me, A 30-Day Faith Experiment” by Terry Esau. He says “Surprise me, God. What if you started the next thirty days with those three words? No agendas, no plans other than waiting on God with eager anticipation of what is about to happen next. Surprise Me, invites you to approach your spiritual life with openness and an eye for the unexpected to discover God working in the everyday moments in your life, from the spectacular to the mundane.”

Read the Amazon review here.

Looks like an entertaining and self-reflective book, something that I need after going on the walk. I’ll save the prayer book for after this one.


Oct 10 2006

Flashbacks of “Rescue 911”

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What a day! I let Meg out after work and noticed that she was sniffing around the basement window barrier thingy (very technical term there). There was a small hole in the dirt and I thought “great, we have a mouse living by our house.” Well, later that night, Paul and I let her out again and went out about a half hour later and found her covered in dirt head to toe after digging two holes about 8 inches deep and 10 inches wide. We got a flashlight and checked the holes and found a little mole crouched hiding in a tiny spot at the bottom of the hole, 30 more seconds and Megabyte would have had it! So now we have a mole in our backyard. Great. *sigh*

Then, Paul and I saw a rather big black spider on our foundation about a foot from the holes. Paul thought it may be a black widow and suggested we catch it (I was doubtful thinking that they didn’t live in this area). We did catch it and low and behold, it WAS a black widow spider! Immediatly my mind swept back to my childhood days of watching “Rescue 911” and the endless shows about people getting bitten by black widows and almost dying. I freaked out. 🙂

We brought the spider inside (in a closed jar of course), read up on the internet about them, took some pictures, and then sent it to heaven in the microwave before we headed to bed.

I’m still pretty freaked knowing that those are around here. I know they aren’t usually fatal for humans, but I’m more worried about Meg getting near one and getting bitten. We’ll have to be on the lookout for them now. Talk about a wild night! Check out the pictures of Meg’s dig and the spider by clicking on the picture below.


Oct 04 2006

Kennel Cam – Megabyte

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Kennel Cam – Megabyte

That’s right!  Now Megabyte can be seen all day long on this fun thing called the Internet! She’s going to be famous! OK, maybe not.  I picked up a Logitech Quickcam STX from Best Buy last night because I had $25 in reward zone coupons (love that program!).  They were out of the Microsoft camera that I wanted, so I thought I would try this.  The program I am using is called WebCam XP and it does a live stream, has quite a few config options and can use more than one camera!  I’ve got a TV Tuner card in the PC and a camcorder @ home that I am going to try out with it as well.  The software I’m using supports up to 8 cameras, and you can have all 8 feeding at the same time.  Pretty nifty.  Would like to get a camera angle inside her kennel and maybe one aiming outside towards the driveway or front door.


Oct 01 2006

Pictures up

Tag: General,KarateEmily @ 1:01 am

Pictures are up for Jim’s black belt graduation and my attempt at breaking concrete.

Click on the picture below to see them all: