Feb 27 2009

13 Month Gallery – birthday pics – are up!

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Took some time during lunch today to fix the gallery. For any geeks reading, GoDaddy doesn’t use netPBM, they use imageMagick so I just to make that in the config.
Click here to go to Month 13!

Feb 26 2009

Happy Birthday Sean!

Tag: Baby,SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:48 pm

Ok, so I had a big post written up about Sean’s birthday and stuff, but then Paul told me that the gallery isn’t actually up and running (at least we can’t add new pictures yet), so I can’t put birthday pictures up yet. SORRY!!! I did put a couple on Facebook, if you can get on there.
I’ll try to get them up as soon as possible. Here’s one that Paul was able to get on here, but that’s it. More later…

Feb 26 2009

So my hearing isn’t as bad as I thought.

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

Feb 20 2009

gallery is up

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 11:17 pm

I got the gallery going on our site, matthewandamberly.com, and laryandnarni.com (but i still have to xfer that site fully over).
Slowly but surely. I still have to fix the email for some of my “customers” though 🙂

Feb 20 2009

Big boy

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 10:26 pm

Sean’s had quite the week.

1)He is officially a walker now. He’s been on the 5-10 step in a row walking stage for a few weeks, but this week decided to become a “walker.” He barely crawls anymore. Just walks, walks, walks. He even carries things like an empty gallon jug when he walks with no problem!

2)Sean’s 4th tooth came in last night. It’s the top middle/left one.

3) Sean really likes to feed himself with a spoon now. I bought these toddler type spoons from Gerber. They are all rubber and have a deep rubber part where the food goes. It’s nice because its flexible and the handle is super chunky so it’s easy for him to grip. We now eat dinner with me loading up the spoon, him taking the spoon, sucking the food out, and handing the spoon back to me. He ends up a HUGE mess, but it’s really cute, and he’s getting really good at it, so it’s worth it 🙂 I have some pictures, but Paul doesn’t have the gallery up yet…

4) Sean has acquires some new dance moves. Instead of just bouncing up and down and squatting, he now twists at the waist back and forth. He also shakes his head from side to side. He can really get going when some of his favorite songs are on!

5) And last but not least, Sean has a new game we started tonight. I put him in the front hall behind a little wall, and “hide” his kitty in the living room. Then I say “Sean, where’s the kitty?” and he comes in laughing and looks for it until he finds it. It’s of course, in a pretty obvious spot like on the couch, sitting on top of hte tv, on a shelf, etc, but he cackles when he finds it. Pretty cool game, and I was suprised that he caught on so quickly!

All for now…more when the gallery is up. 🙂

Feb 16 2009

Gallery and Shoutbox

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I’ll try to get the gallery up this week.

Feb 12 2009

Lordy Lordy – Its finally back online!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 5:53 pm

Sorry for the downtime folks. Here is a brief explanation…well, I will try to be brief:
For the last five years, I have had my website hosted with blueHost.com. They were a great hosting provider, and as of right now, they are offering unlimited domains, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth for their hosting packages. Now to me, that says “I can host the holy heck out of some websites!”.
Apparently this is not the case – false advertising in my eyes. My account was consuming, what they claim, way too much CPU time for the database backend on my websites. It was slowing the server down and the insisted that I should hire someone to “fix my code”. But here is the catch – all the software that run the websites I host on my account are provided by an installer program in their hosting control panel. I point and click, and its installed. Granted, I did do customization, but nothing extreme.
So, after five years, I can now say BlueHost.com can suck an egg. The downside of all this is when my account goes down, so does:

So I now have to figure out what I need to do to help all my friends get their servers back online. All during the biggest three work weeks I’ve had in my 7.5 years at Car-Part.com. I’ve been working 6 days a week and many nights during those weeks to tackle problems like internet outages, power outages, and upgrades.
I have a vacation planned in April – going back to Sanibel Island with my families and taking little Sean with me! Emily will get some time off at home!
We will try to catch you up on what has happened over the last few days/week.

Feb 07 2009

Favorite game

Tag: Emily,SeanAndrewEmily @ 9:35 pm

Sean has enjoyed walking in and out of one of our gates for a long time, but we have a new game that makes it even more fun! Sean cracks up laughing as he tries to shut me out of the gate. I crawl to his same side and pretend to chase him, and he runs to the other side and slams the gate shut.

Feb 07 2009

New Best Friend

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:07 pm

Sean has always loved cats, especially Ginger, Oma and Opa’s cat in New York. We were in the mall today and passed by the FAO Schwartz display in Macy’s. We were letting Sean snuggle up to all the giant stuffed animals 🙂
We were on our way out, and we passed by a large rack of small stuffed animals. Sean pointed toward it and said “Dat!” (that). He was pointing at a cute gray and black kitty. We gave it to him and he laughed so hard, and snuggled it to death. He wouldn’t put it down. Yes, we ended up buying it for him 🙂

He held it tight with both hands all the way out of the mall to the car, and all the way home. He took a nap with it when we got home and carried it all around the house toinght. He loves when we “meow” at him with it and make the kitty jump around. So cute.

He’s in bed with it now…aww….his new best friend!

Feb 05 2009

Time with Sean

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 7:27 pm

I finally got the videos of Sean from our time off last week. This is a video of some of the fun stuff he’s doing these days. It’s a little long…but enjoy!

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