Oct 31 2007

Happy Halloween!

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Wishing everyone a happy and candy-filled Halloween! 🙂



Oct 28 2007

Starting the room

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We cleared out Little Sean’s room today. Click here to see pictures of the progress. We also got our bedding set yesterday (thanks Lary & Narni!), which helped us in finalizing our paint color. We’ll probably paint within the next 2 weeks or so. I took a picture of Little Sean’s very first ‘boy’ outfit. Paul picked it out the day we found out we were having a boy:

It’s getting really exciting to see the room starting to empty out and turn into a baby room.

Oct 26 2007

21 Weeks

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Week 21 picture is up, even though it’s a little late 🙂 Click here to see it.

Oct 26 2007

How cute is that?

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Our friend Daniel (Dmoney) sketched a picture of Megabyte. I hope he sends it to us so we can frame it; it’s really good!

Click here to see it.

He did it from this picture:

Oct 23 2007

YouTube – Verstehen Sie Spass? – Unsichtbar / Invisible

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YouTube – Verstehen Sie Spass? – Unsichtbar / Invisible

Crazy video of a trick mirror that doesn’t show someone’s reflection. A hidden camera joke for a German TV show.

Oct 18 2007

20 Weeks

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We apologize for not taking a 19-week picture.  I got so caught up in getting ready for going to Emmaus that I forgot.  But, the 20 week picture is up.  It doesn’t look like I’ve grown much, but I have definitely rounded out a bit.  :-)  CLICK HERE to see it.

Oct 17 2007

Video is up!

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The ultrasound video of Little Sean is up and on youtube!  CLICK HERE to see it!  Make sure you turn your sound up so that you can hear all the comments!

Oct 17 2007

First bear

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Little Sean (that’s what we’re calling him until we get used to ‘Sean’) got a present on his ‘picture day’ yesterday from his Uncle Sean. Uncle Sean sent a super soft Pooh bear along with Narni (Paul’s mom). I got it right before the ultrasound and held it the whole time. It’s little Sean’s first stuffed animal 🙂 Thanks Uncle Sean!

Oct 16 2007

When you’ve got it…flaunt it.

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Well, the ultrasound went really really well, and the news is…IT’S A BOY!

We noticed the little…err…big boy parts right away, he really liked showing them off. Baby Cahill is growing big and strong, and the doctor says everything looks perfect.

We have named him Sean Andrew. Sean, after Paul’s twin brother, and Andrew is my older brother Brian’s middle name. It’s really weird calling the baby Sean, but I guess we’ll get used to it. Click on the picture below to see the other pictures from the ultrasound.

We’re trying to get the video posted, but we’re going to have to cut off 1-2 minutes, since I think the videos on youtube are limited to 10 minutes. We’ll try to get it up tomorrow evening.

Paul managed to get a video small enough that it could be downloaded if you have a cable modem or DSL. The file is 96 MB. If you right click on the following link and choose “save file as” or “save target as”, you can save it to your local PC and then it should open in the Windows Media Player. RIGHT CLICK HERE We’re still trying to get one uploaded to youtube for those that aren’t as computer savy 🙂

Little Sean didn’t stop kicking, squirming and punching the entire ultrasound. He did NOT like to be poked and prodded and was trying to punch and kick the ultrasound thingy the whole time.
Paul and I went to Babies R Us and picked out a really cute overalls & long sleeve shirt set with race cars on it. Paul is already dreaming about all the ‘boy things’ he’s going to do with his son. Wow. That’s weird to say. 🙂

Oct 15 2007

Votes are final

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Ok, Final votes are in. They are as follows:
BOY: Paul, Philip, Ashley, Mary, Chris V., Lary, Carol, Heinz, Brian, Sean, Patrice, Heather, Jim, Tonya F., Christie
GIRL: Emily, Diana, Ruth, Daniel, Jason, Colleen, Cate, Cathy, Chris E., Tim, Sallie, Kristie

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