May 31 2010

He’s just too smart.

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So I was just telling Sean that we were going to go watch the Memorial Day parade in a few minutes, and that there would be kids, firetrucks, police trucks, soldiers, etc etc and that they would throw some candy at us and he would get to keep the candy. Of course, I thought he would be super excited about the candy part, but his reply was “I don’t need candy from the policeman, I have candy at home.” Classic.

May 31 2010

Big boy bed

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As you can probably tell, we’re trying to post a little more often on here…we’ve gotten terrible about it. We bought Sean a big boy bed awhile back, but havent’ pushed him sleeping in it. Yesterday he wanted me to set it up, so we did. He slept in it last night perfectly! He is so proud of himself and his ‘friends’ that slept in it with him (stuffed animals). We plan to dismantle the crib and remove it from his room today. Hopefully he’ll be ok with sleeping in his bed from now on!!

May 29 2010

Should we start taking bets?

Tag: baby2,GeneralEmily @ 8:55 am

Our sonogram date is June 29th. We are very excited to find out if this little baby is a boy or girl! Sean always says that it’s a baby boy, but some of us are feeling the girl vibes pretty strong! Any bets?? Ours are:

Emily – boy
Paul – girl
Lil Sean -boy

May 28 2010

The Big Split

Tag: General,SeanAndrewEmily @ 5:49 pm

Sean wiped out rounding a corner in our house and split his lip wide open 🙁

Poor guy.