Jul 28 2009

Potty Time!

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So Sean has surprised us BIGTIME, and has both pooped and peed in the potty! We have no idea where it came from, but it started yesterday. I was holding him, and he started farting so I said “Do you have to poop?” He said “Esss” (Yes). I said “Do you want to poop in the potty?” He said “Esss” So, we got the potty chair from the basement, which I didn’t think we’d really be using for another 4-6 months, brought it to the bathroom, he sat right down, and went! OMG!

Tonight, he was grunting again while sitting with Paul and we asked him if he wanted to go again. He laughed and went in the bathroom. He didn’t poop again, but he did pee! WOW!

Guess we’ll actually have to work at this now! Amazing. I thought boys potty trained so late! Check out this cute picture of him on his potty. I know, how embarrasing. This one will definitely have to come back out at his wedding. hehe

Jul 23 2009


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While emily was in her final exam last night, Sean and I took a trip to Toys-R-Us to kill some time. I snapped a few photos on my cell phone. We spent a good 30-45 minutes in the power wheels section! Thats my boy! Except…he liked the pink Escalade. Emily says its because of the bright color. Although his second favorite was the Ford F150. I think he liked the working radio in the pink one.
We found a bin full of balls and had to play with those, although many were very flat.

Jul 21 2009

Support The National Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride

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My friend and co-worker, Scott is riding for the third or fourth time in the MS 150 mile fund raiser. Please click this link and consider donating to a great cause! Maybe we can get him above his goal!

And I haven’t forgotten about writing up about my Seattle visit – its in the works!

Jul 21 2009

Better late than never!

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Ok, so I had a lot of trouble posting the rest of the NY pictures for some reason. Anyhoo, here they are. Please don’t be blown away by my Land’s End model of a son: (hehe)

Jul 14 2009

I’m Back!

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Back from my quick trip to Seattle. Crammed a whole lot of stuff into the 4 days I was there. Will post more details and some photos tonight.
Emily and Sean get back from New York tonight. Can’t wait to see them! Its been a long time since I have been away from Emily this long and I’ve never been away from Sean this long! Hope he remembers me!

Jul 07 2009

Adirondack Boy

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Sean and I have been in New York visiting my family since Thursday. We are having a really good time, despite the rainy weather that never seems to take a break. Colleen and Cate picked us up at the airport on Thursday and we headed out to Great Sacandaga Lake, where we have a camp. We spent Thurs – Monday there, hanging out, boating, fishing, making smores, hanging out with neighbors and family. Sean, who hates to walk in the grass, and heaven forbid, touch it with his hands, was running around in the woods barefoot by Monday. He loves pine needles, pine cones, little sticks and all the trees! He got to swim in the lake and throw rocks, and take lots of long walks up and down the camp road. We headed back home on Monday, getting ice cream on the way.

Dad, Colleen and Cate spent a lot of time redoing the playhouse that Dad built for Brian and me when we were younger. They put nice walls on the inside (it was always just 2x4s and plywood) and fixed it up so cute with a table and chair set, and Cate’s old Little Tykes kitchen set. Sean has a blast playing in there, cooking us meals and microwaving the fake food in the little microwave.

We are planning on heading back to the camp for this weekend, and then Sean and I return home to KY on Tuesday. It’s been a lot of fun so far and we have some great pictures! Click on the picture below to see.

Also, Sean sat in the little chair outside of the playhouse, where he sat when he came last fall. Look how much he’s grown up!

Jul 06 2009

Old photo of emily and an update

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When going through my now unused yahoo email address, I found a photo that emily send me in July of 1999 🙂 Love that long hair!

Emily and Sean have been in New York since Thursday of last week. Sean is really enjoying walking around in the woods. Emily says he is becoming an Adirondack Man! Of course… I have yet to see any pictures!! I did get to speak to Emily and Sean a little over the weekend though.

Thursday night, my friends form Cleveland, Jason and Cindy came down for the 4th of July weekend. We saw the 10 minute fireworks display over the river Saturday night (seriously…10 minutes??). We also went to the Reds Vs Cards game on Friday and watched the Cards squeak ahead of the Reds in the last half of the game.
I have a lot to do around the house before I leave for Seattle Thursday night to visit (big) Sean for a long weekend. We are going to visit Aija and Corey in Portland and see their newborn and go to a Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert on Sunday night. Going to be a busy and fun weekend!