Nov 03 2010

We are back home, some pre-game info and a thanks…

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Finally got home early afternoon today. I’m sure we have lots of posts to make and photos and videos to process and put online – but for now we are just settling in and getting situated. Sean was VERY sweet to Lily ( “Lily Sister” ) and Megabyte was happy to see us.
My main reason for posting this is to thank my mom. She came down late Saturday with the intentions of helping us clean the house to get it ready for Lily and spending Halloween with Sean. Sunday mom worked her tail off in the house while emily tended to sean and helped her out where a 9 month preggo woman could help πŸ™‚ I worked in the garage with on on-site mechanic trying to get the montero up and running (it RUNS… still needs work and an exhaust).
Monday I had to work and emily had off so she and mom hung out. While at Olive Garden, Emily started to have strong, quick contractions and sent me a text to let me know to keep my afternoon open. She had a 330pm appt with her OB for her weekly checkup. By the time she saw him at 4, she was ready to go. I got the call and drove in. We were in our room by 4:30. At 9:29 her doc showed up with his game face on and let us know it was time to start pushing. By 9:39, Lillian was with us!
I think we got to bed around 2:30am that night after getting settled in and Skyping with some family and friends.
My main reason for writing this post is to thank my mom. She came down for a quick weekend visit and ended up taking care of Sean and our house for the time we were in the hospital. Was totally not a part of the plan and it made our lives SO much easier. It was also a special time for her – she was able bring Emily to the hospital and get her admitted, and spend time with her until I got there. After the birth, Brian stayed at our house so mom and Diana could come and visit our 1 hour old baby. We also found out that we wouldn’t be released until Wednesday. Mom’s boss let her stay an extra day and she again took care of our house and Sean for another day – a treat for both of them I’m sure!
We were very blessed and thankful to have Lillian come at a time when mom just happened to be around and be available.
Thank you mom – we love you!

Nov 01 2010

Welcome to the world!

Tag: baby2,Family,LillianPaul C. @ 9:13 pm

Lillian Catherine Cahill
7lbs 11 oz
20.75 inches
9:39pm on 11-01-10

Baby and mom are doing well.

Aug 04 2010

Where’s my head?

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Em and I were talking the other night and we realized we never made an official announcement about the name of baby 2.0. (or is it 1.6 since we have three months to go?).
We toyed about it for a very long time – wanting to have a first name from one side of the family and a middle name from the other. We did easily agree on the last name, however.
So – we decided on Lillian Catherine. Lillian is from my side of the family (I think from my dads?) and Catherine is Emily’s sister.

Jul 02 2010

Name update

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I spent awhile yesterday on baby name websites..boy…more info there than I could ever want!! I came up with 2 more first name potentials. They are for Paul’s dad, Lawrence (Lary) Joseph Cahill. I came up with Laurel (after Lawrence) or Josephine (Josie for short -after his middle name Joseph). Thoughts?

Jun 30 2010

Name help please!

Tag: baby2,GeneralEmily @ 9:05 pm

We are feeling pretty stuck. Sean’s name came to us so easily, and we really love how we used names from family members (Big Sean and Brian’s middle name – Andrew). We would like to be able to do another name made from names of family, but we are having a hard time coming up with good girl names. Please put on your thinking cap and ‘comment’ to us some names of women in our family that may have good names for this little girl! We don’t need full names (first and middle) necessarily, we can put that together later, but any help would be great.

Some of the names that have made it on to our “potential names” list include:

Marie (middle name only) – Paul’s sister Megan’s name (Megan-Marie)
Lillian (first name) – I think this was Lary (Paul’s dad’s) grandmother’s name??
Page/Paige (middle name only) – Narni’s (Paul’s mom) middle name
Claira (first name) – another grand or great grandmother…but can’t remember now from where…
Catherine (middle name) – Cate’s (my sister) middle name

We need more to choose from! Come on family, please help!!

Jun 30 2010

It’s a girl!!

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Here are some ultrasound pictures from Tuesday. Our next little one will be a girl!! We are super excited (and admittedly kind of scared), but happy none the less. Little Sean has been talking about getting a little sister when we ask him, and he says it’s name will be “baby boy.” Hmm…guess we’ll have to work on that one.

Click pictures below:

Jun 14 2010

New rooms!

Tag: baby2,GeneralEmily @ 7:43 pm

We’ve been hard at work lately trying to transform the rooms on the 2nd floor. We had a really fun time making Sean’s room a big boy room a few weeks ago. It’s Thomas land now, and he loves it. He finally has toys in there now, and really loves laying on his floor playing with all his toys. He’s even good at cleaning up!

Of course, there’s some pictures of his favorite thing…running around in his underpants. These were too cute not to post!

I spent the day today swapping the office/guest room and the baby room. We were orginally going to put the baby in the office, but Paul suggested making the guest room into the baby room. It’s a little bigger than the office, and the office is the only room with a cable/internet hookup upstairs, so we’d have to do some major changes to re-run those wires. I put all the baby furniture in the room today and it looks great. It really is making the fact that a new baby is on the way even more real! Only 2 more weeks, then we can pick out bedding, decorations, etc, for either a baby boy or girl!! Sean doesn’t like the room; he says the baby cant’ sleep in his crib or use his chair. πŸ™‚

May 29 2010

Should we start taking bets?

Tag: baby2,GeneralEmily @ 8:55 am

Our sonogram date is June 29th. We are very excited to find out if this little baby is a boy or girl! Sean always says that it’s a baby boy, but some of us are feeling the girl vibes pretty strong! Any bets?? Ours are:

Emily – boy
Paul – girl
Lil Sean -boy

Apr 05 2010

Here we go again!

Tag: baby2,GeneralPaul C. @ 9:17 am

So we are around 8.5 weeks pregnant (well, its mostly Emily, not really ‘we’). Due date is late November, I think the 19th. Emily can correct me (she’s good at that) if I am wrong πŸ™‚
The morning sickness seems to be strong this time around, which makes us think its probably going to be a girl. No ‘ralphing’ or anything, Emily just described it as a constant hangover. Not my idea of a good time!
The next sonogram will be sometime in July and we should find the baby’s sex then.

click the pic for the others.