Sep 27 2008

Now THAT’S talent!

Tag: Family,FunEmily @ 2:45 pm

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Sep 23 2008

Just an update

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 4:55 pm

Sean did very well last night. I put him down around 8pm last night and he slept for an hour before getting restless. I decided that instead of fighting it, I just brought him downstairs and let him sleep on me while I watched the season opener of Heroes (Sylar is what??). I put him back in his crib around midnight and went to bed myself.
I did not give him a pacifier last night, as I wanted to see if he could sleep without one. I also thought that was part of why he was throwing up – with the extra snot production going on with his ear infection, the slurping on the pacifier was sending it right to his tummy, making him sick.
He did really well with that actually. He woke up a few times from coughing, but seemed to be okay after I held him for a few minutes to put him back to sleep. He actually slept until 7 or 715, which is a first for a few days.
Needless to say, I am exhausted, and kind of feel like I may be coming down with a cold. Time to head home and go to bed.

Sep 22 2008

aaaaannnndddd its back…

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 12:51 pm

As emily stated previously, Sean has another ear infection. The last few nights he has been throwing up in the middle of the night and yesterday he was awfully tired, and took quite a few naps. He gooey eye was worse of the weekend and his eye that was fien started to goo a little (these are professional medical terms, people). Last night was *really* rough for me. Emily had to leave for a school training in Lexington in the wee hours of the morning, so I had to tend to Sean. It was a very restless night last night and I finally got him to bed around 430 or 5am after he “slept” on my chest for a few hours. I even missed my alarm this morning and wa a tad late getting to work!
I really hope tonight is better…however I’m doubting it. I’m flying solo tonight, as Em won’t return until tomorrow night. Good thing we just bought a 12 pack of redbull…
Thanks to Diana for picking him up @ daycare today to get him into the doctor’s office. I think maybe his first ear infection never fully cleared up. He got some more powerful meds this time around. The doc said his gooey eyes were caused by the same bacteria/virus thing.

Sep 22 2008


Tag: really..?!,WorkPaul C. @ 12:40 pm

< rant >
Why do people waste my time with a phone call when we have a nice instant messaging package for use in our office? I get so many phone calls that are simple one answer, close ended questions, when the person could quite simply double click my name, ask the questions, and receive an answer. Its mostly people who don’t work in our local office, so they waste long distance time too!
< /rant >

Sep 20 2008

Up they go

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:53 pm

We have to start putting gates up now…he’s having a ball trying to climb up the stairs in the house! I do admit, I think it’s really cute to see him do it, so I do encourage it when I’m right there with him, but we’ll have to get those gates at the bottom of the stairs this weekend so he can’t do it without me. Unfortunately, we have wood floors at the base of one side of the steps, and tile on the other; neither of which feel very good to bonk your head on. 🙂

In other feats of physicality, Sean has officially learned to go from tummy to sitting! We’ve only seen him do it once, but that’s all it takes for him to do it more often!

Also, his new favorite thing is to watch Megabyte eat dinner. He cracks up laughing at her while she crunches and chews her food; probably has something to do with the noise and her teeth showing while she’s crunching. We stood in the kitchen for about 10 minutes tonight watching her eat while he was cracking up hysterically. Cute stuff.

Sep 17 2008

Catching up

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 12:10 pm

I posted some more pictures from the past week or two, as well as some videos 🙂

Video of the storm’s aftermath:

Video I took of Sean crawling around in his crib after naps:

Sep 17 2008

He speaks!

Tag: General,SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:19 am

Sean is saying “baba” and “dada” now! A few weeks ago, he started babbling a lot, saying va, ba, and da, but not towards anything specific. About a week ago, he looked at his bottle and reached his hand toward it and said “baba!” Now, he’ll say “baba” when he’s hungry and say it over and over again while you are making it 🙂

During our closing last Thursday Paul and I were passing Sean back and forth entertaining him. When I was holding him, he reached over to Paul and said “Dada!” We couldn’t believe it! He’s done that a few more times, looking right at Paul. So cute!

Now we just need him to say Mama so it’s fair! 🙂

Sep 16 2008

Pool is done!

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 5:06 pm

Oh, and by the way, the pool is finished! Check out Brian and Ashley’s webpage for some pictures. Now, we’re not “legal” yet, so no parties. Gotta get the electric running, get the yard redone/seeded and get a fence put in. Once that’s done, we can party party party!

Sep 16 2008

Gotta love working in the schools…

Tag: General,really..?!Emily @ 5:04 pm

Working for the school system is paying off bigtime in the past few days. I guess Campbell County got hit really bad (plus, most of it is rural) and they are still having major power problems. I was off school Monday and Today, and just got a call that we are off tomorrow too. Sound like it’s a possibility that we’ll be off all week. SWEET! Had I been working for NorthKey, I’d have been at work Monday, wet hair and all (no blow dryers without power!). It would have been hell, seeing that I can’t wash clothes, dry my hair, iron clothes, etc etc etc.

I took Sean to daycare today (since I paid for the week anyway) and got a lot done around the house. Finished raking the sticks and branches out of the front yard; filled my 5th garbage can today with sticks just from the front yard. That should give you some idea about the amount of damage we’re seeing around here. I haven’t even ventured into the backyard yet, which has 3-5 12+ foot branches in it, with countless little branches and sticks. Guess we’ll have to wait until trash pickup again so we have empty trash cans to put them in. What a mess!

Got the fridge cleaned out today. LUCKILY we put off shopping for some reason this weekend, so we only had bare minimum food anyway. Just some milk, eggs, yogurt and cheese. We had 3-4 things of meat in the freezer along with 4-5 frozen dinners, but that’s about it. Unlike some of our neighbors who did their big grocery shopping Saturday, we didn’t suffer too much with throwing away food. Plus, it gave me a good reason to give the fridge a good scrub-down.

Tomorrow I plan on catching up on some laundry and maybe helping my mom clean up a little. She’s been in NY for the past few days so there’s a lot of work to be done at her house 🙂 My guess is that our power will go out again soon. It’s on now, but they still haven’t removed the branches from the two lines on either side of our block. So, more than likely it’ll go out again *sigh* Oh well.

Sep 16 2008

Like He-Man…

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 2:31 pm

I Have the Poooooooowah!

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