Apr 28 2008


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Sean tried out Reagan’s BeBePod while we were at their house yesterday. He really seemed to like sitting up and looking around and did well in it! I think I’m going to get him one!

Apr 27 2008


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Congratulations to our friends Trenton and Erica on the birth of their son, Nolan William!  He was born Friday, April 25th at 2:51pm and weighed 8lbs11oz.

Apr 27 2008


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Here are some pictures from him playing on his playmat on Thursday:

As well as a couple pictures from Saturday, which start off his “Month 3” album!:

Apr 26 2008

Happy Birthday!

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Happy 2 month birthday to our little boy today!  Time sure flies…

Apr 26 2008


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Yesterday was awful at the doctor with Sean 🙁 He had to get 5 shots and 2 oral medications. He screamed of course, and the fact that the nurse wasn’t that nice and was jabbing and stabbing him and making him choke on the oral medications didn’t make it any easier for me to watch. He got three blue camouflage bandaids on his thighs and lots of hugs and kisses from mommy the rest of the day. Poor little guy. He slept like a rock last night and is still sleepy today. What a traumatic experience! 🙁

On a good note, he’s growing like a weed. He now weighs 12lbs 5.2oz (up from 9lbs 8oz last month) and is 23 inches long (up from 21 last month). He’s around the 67th percentile on all the charts. That’s our boy!

Apr 25 2008

Website Review: Schefold’s Home Page

schefold’s Home Page

I stumbled upon this today and thought I would give it a review.  In Web 2.0 standards it gets a big fat “F+”!  However, it does provide some interesting links and information.  For instance did you know that  someone named Ty Shaffer and I have something in common – we both like to make fun of Brian! Brian provides links to his friend’s webpages as well, although he is lacking paulandemily.com as well as ashandbrian.com (probably for a good reason though! 🙂 )

Apr 24 2008


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I’m dreading tomorrow.  Sean has his 2 month checkup…which means he gets all his shots :-(   I hate it already.

Apr 24 2008

Early morning

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We accidentally let Sean nap last evening through our dinnertime (about 630-800p). Since he had slept so much before he actually went to bed he decided that 5:00am was a great time to wake up for the day, instead of his usual 7:30. I stayed up till about midnight last night playing games with family, so needless to say, I’m a little pooped this morning. Guess we won’t be letting him do that anymore!

Apr 21 2008

Save some cash on your cell phone bill

Cell Phone Advisor – BillShrink

I think I originally saw this on LifeHacker.com (AWESOME site), but just now got around to looking at it.  You input your current cell phone plan information, your usage information (or what you would like to use) and it finds your a service provider and plan that would work best for your needs!  Emily and I are no longer in a cell phone contract and have been toying with the idea for a couple years to find something that would better our needs.  I’ve been with SprintPCS for 10 years this year (non stop mind you! how many other people can claim that??) and while I do like them, they never have good deals on their cell phones, you can’t simply switch in a sim card to a different phone and have all your contacts etc. and their phone selectiong is either childish or too professional for my needs.  Maybe after using this website, I’ll sick Emily on them like we did two years ago to get us a better deal.  I’d really like to use their wireless internet on my HTC Apache (thanks dmoney!), but the plans for that service are ridiculous for those of us who would only use it occasionally – but don’t want to pay a per minute or per Kb rate.  Playing around on the site showed me that I could probably save $240 a year by switching to T-Mobile Family plan.

Apr 19 2008

Dad ‘n Me

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Posted some adorable pictures of Paul and Little Sean. Click below to see.

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