Jun 30 2009

Sean’s surgery

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Sean had surgery to probe and irrigate his blocked tear duct this morning at Cincinnati Children’s. It went really well, and Sean is doing wonderfully. The hospital staff were great and Sean ‘went out’ and woke up easily. We were in the waiting room for less than 10 minutes! When we got back to the recovery room, Sean sat up, downed 8oz of apple juice, then asked for his book and began to read! He’s so funny! It was impressive; I was expecting him to be very groggy and cranky, but he was cheerful and comical!

His eye looks good; looks like it’s starting to drain tears like it should. We have to give him eye drops 3x day for a week, which I’m sure he’ll hate! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers; it was a simple / fast procedure, but still worrisome 🙂

Here are some pictures of him in his little hospital gown:

Jun 24 2009

Quick sticking me!!

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Sean had his 15 month checkup today, even though he’s 16 months old. Good news is that his iron level is back to normal, and he no longer needs to have that yucky iron supplement every day! Bad news is that he got 4 shots. Poor guy.

He weighs 24.8 pounds now and is 31.25 inches tall. That puts him at 47% for weight and 42% for height. Pretty much the same that he’s always been. He’s just a short little guy, but he still get all the ladies 🙂

Grammy Narni is coming to visit this weekend, and then Sean and I go to New York to visit Oma, Opa and Aunt Cate next Thursday for 2 whole weeks! Sean is really excited, he loves getting doted on by family…hehe.

Jun 23 2009

Sean’s new pool!

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Here’s the video of Sean in his new pool! He absolutely loves it and looks at it out the window from inside, and laughs. Can’t wait to play again tomorrow!

Jun 23 2009

Fun in the sun!

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I just got Sean this:

I have to get it blown up, then I’ll get some pictures of him playing in it!

Jun 16 2009

Funny Prank

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EMBED-Invisible Rope Prank II – Watch more free videos

Jun 15 2009

Stay at home mommy – day 1

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Sean and I had a great day today! Sean woke up at 8am and then woke up Dada (his favorite thing to do). We sat on the couch with Kitty and Sean’s blanket for awhile and watched tv and snuggled, then had breakfast. Sean played with his puzzle while I got ready, and we headed out to the toy store around 10am. I got him 2 new puzzles, since he’s already mastered the one he has, and when we got home, he was ready for a nap. We had some lunch, then went out and played with the ball in the yard. He walked around back, and asked to play on the slide. He went down the slide about 40 times, and then I had to come in to get the camera. I cant’ believe what he’s doing…he’s climbing up the slide and going down ALL by himself! Is he really big enough to be doing that?? It doesn’t seem like it! We got all dirty and sweaty outside, so we came in for a drink and a popsicle (which Sean LOVED). We played with Megabyte for awhile, did our new puzzles, went for a walk outside and then came in to cool down and have a snack. Sean fed his whole snack to Megabyte, who was very happy to help out! Sean had another nap around 3:30, then we played some more! It was a long but fun day. Hopefully the weather continues to be nice so we always have the option of going outdoors. Getting out of the house if definitely a nice break!

Check out the video of Sean doing the slide all by himself. Man, he’s so big!

These are the puzzles he got today:

Jun 13 2009

1st Haircut

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We finally decided it was time for Sean’s first haircut. His little mullet was getting out of control, so we gave it “the snip.”

Here are some before / after pictures:

Jun 13 2009

Big Boy

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Sean had his first ever big boy sleepover at UmBri and SheShe’s house (Brian and Ashley) last night. Ash had been talking about wanting to keep him overnight, so they did! Paul and I went to Brio’s for dinner, then to see The Hangover, which btw was a hilarious movie, and then got a really great night’s sleep!

We got a call late this morning to pick up Sean; he had slept perfectly through the night; from 7:45-7:30am. He had fun with Ash last night playing, and had breakfast with her and Brian this morning. They are just smitten with him 🙂

He had a really good time, and I’m sure will want to do it again! He wanted to be sure that he was the ruler of their house too, before little cousins get there someday. What a big boy!

Jun 11 2009

Eye news

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Sean had his visit to Children’s this morning. He does NOT like drops to be put into his eye, or people shining little lights in them by the way…:-)

His eyes themselves and his vision are all normal. As we suspected, they have to do a probing procedure to open up the tear duct. Very quick, whole procedure takes 3-5 minutes; similar to the amount of time it would take to do tubes in ears. His surgery is scheduled for June 24th. I’m really glad we could get him in so quick. The success rate is 85-90% for his age range. If the procedure doesn’t work, he’ll need to get stints put into his tear ducts. 🙁

More to follow!

Jun 09 2009

Stay at home mommy

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Next week starts my new job of stay at home mommy! I was officially done with work yesterday, but will be keeping Sean in daycare for the rest of the week so I can get my 12 page paper and 2 presentations finished for my summer class, and get the house in a little more order.
I’m really looking forward to spending time with Sean this summer. We have lots of fun stuff planned, like going to the zoo, the aquarium, Sunrock Farm (local petting zoo), Children’s museum, lots of walks, swimming and playtime. I bought Sean some new “big boy” thick crayons which he used for the first time yesterday. He really loved putting them in a tupperware so he could see them all, and picking them out one by one to color with. He has learned “purpur”, “buw” and “reeeeh” (purple, blue and red) and actually likes to color with pink a lot, despite what daddy thinks. 🙂

We have an appointment at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati on Thursday to get Sean’s eye looked at. He’s had blocked tear ducts since his first month. One cleared up, but the other never has. Poor boy can’t even open his eye most mornings because it’s so gucked up. The exam is Thursday, and then I assume they’ll schedule a time soon to get the procedure done to open the tear duct up. It’s very very simple and takes less than 5 minutes, so I’m not too worried about it…yet.

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