Apr 03 2008

Why Good Will Always Triumph Over Evil

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Jesus and Satan were having an ongoing argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and God was getting tired of the constant bickering. Finally God said, “Cool it! I am going to set up a test that will run two hours, and I will decide once and for all who does the better job.”

So Satan and Jesus sat down at their respective keyboards and began typing away. They moused; they did spreadsheets; they wrote reports; they sent faxes; they sent emails; they sent out emails with attachments; they downloaded; they blogged; they did some genealogy reports; they made cards; they did every known job. But 10 minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed across the sky. Thunder clapped, rain poured, and, of course, the electricity went off!
Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in the underworld. Jesus just sighed. The electricity finally flickered back on, and each of them restarted his computer. Satan started searching frantically and screamed, “It’s gone! It’s all gone! I lost everything when the power went off!”

Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from the past two hours of diligent work. Satan observed this and became irate. “Hold on!” he said. “He cheated! How could this be?”

God shrugged and said, “Everyone knows that Jesus saves.”

(copied from Lugosi’s blog)

Sep 05 2007

Cathedral Domain

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For the Labor Day weekend, Paul and I went with our church to Cathedral Domain. The Episcopal Diocese of Lexington have over 800 acres of land near Irvine, KY that has a camp and conference center on it. Each church gets ‘a weekend’ at the Domain, and Labor Day is our church’s weekend. It’s a great time to meet members of the church. It’s not a retreat type weekend, it’s more of a ‘come and hang out and meet some people that you see every week’ type thing. It was great.
We could have stayed in a camp with 12 bunk beds on either side and share a restroom, but since it was our first year going, and we didn’t know that many people, we opted for what people referred to as the “Hilton,” which was more of a dorm-type setup, with a double occupancy room with it’s own bathroom. Quite spiffy for a camp!

We got to the Domain Friday night about 915pm, unloaded, then took a walk around to see what the place was like. We met a few people then headed off to bed. We spent the weekend hanging out with new friends, getting to know people, playing games, eating (a lot), sitting by the pool, having a few drinks (well…Paul anyway) and a lot of laughs. We did some hiking, and caving as well. We are really glad we went. We finally got to put names, and life stories to about 50 people that we’ve seen in church for years but never have gotten to know.

We’re really glad for the experience. We want to feel more a part of the church, especially because we’re bringing our little one into it. Everyone was very excited to hear that we are expecting. There were actually 2 other women that were pregnant at the Domain; one due in February, and one in April, so our little one will have instant friends!

Check out pictures by clicking below:

Aug 17 2007

11.5 weeks

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I haven’t posted awhile about how I’m doing.  I’ve actually been feeling a lot better lately.  I went to the doctor last Thursday for a checkup and he gave me new prenatal vitamins.  The ones I had been taking were making me very sick, and I was at the point of crying before I took them because of how awful I knew I’d feel within 1/2 hour.  So, he gave me new ones, and they are great for 3 reasons:  1)  They are purple (my fav. color) 2) They are TINY (about the size of a Tylenol) 3) They don’t make me sick.

I’m so excited about hitting the 3 month mark on Tuesday!  Time has really flown by since we’ve told everyone.  We’ve been really busy lately and I guess that helps too.   I imagine that with all the holidays coming up that my pregnancy will just fly by from this point on.

I have Emmaus training starting up this weekend as well.  I’ll be doing that at least once a week until October.  The walk is Oct 11-14.

That’s all for now!

Jan 10 2007

I’m the big Air Head!

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I listen to Air 1 Radio all the time (90.1FM for those in our area).  I love listening to AirHead Trivia on days that I can catch it, it’s usually on about 11:00am daily.  I sometimes try to get on it b/c the questions seem relatively easy…

Today I was driving back from a school visit with a kid, and called in and loe and behold I got through!  I was going to be an AirHead trivia player!  I was playing a welder (Devin) and a student (Kristin).  I forgot where they were from. 

The first question was: In bowling, if you knock down all pins with two balls you have scored a what?  We all chimed in at the same time, but Kristin squeaked hers in sooner and got it right with “a spare”

The second question was: What century are we living in?  Again, we all chimed in at once, but Devin’s chime was heard first and he got a point for “21st”

The third question was:  What device regulates the temperature in your house?  I chimed in first and got a point for “thermostat”

That made a three-way tie 1-1-1.

The fourth question was:  In the game of Cribbage, you move what to keep score?  Even though I don’t play, I knew it was the game with the board and pegs, so I chimed in first and got a point for “pegs”

The fifth questions was:  What are the three states of matter?  Devin chimed in first with “liquid, solid and gas” and got a point.

That put Kristin out of the running, and Devin and I had a tie-breaker question for the win.

The fifth and final tie-breaker question was: True/False: boxing is considered the sweet science.  I was thinking true, but was too scared to chime in, thinking I’d lose the game.  Devin chimed in about 6 seconds later and said “false”  Since it was true, I WON!!  I was the BIG AIRHEAD!

I won two Sanctus Real cds and a 1-year Bible.  Cool :-)  Congratulations me on my 15 minutes of fame!


Nov 10 2006

Funny song :)

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The Blog | Paul Hipp: METH AND MAN ASS | The Huffington Post

First of all, I got a kick out of the story about Ted Haggard, but the link above is a song about it.  Its not safe for work and probably small children, but I think its pretty darn funny! 🙂


Oct 15 2006


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I got back from The Walk to Emmaus tonight. I had an absolutely wonderful time. I was humbled to be a part of the team for this walk. I met some wonderfully beautiful souls this weekend and feel very close to them, even after only 3 days. I feel blessed to have been a part of their lives at that special time.

I found my next book…I know, I know, I already had the “kick the dog book” in mind, but one I purchased the weekend takes precedence over the other. It’s called “Surprise me, A 30-Day Faith Experiment” by Terry Esau. He says “Surprise me, God. What if you started the next thirty days with those three words? No agendas, no plans other than waiting on God with eager anticipation of what is about to happen next. Surprise Me, invites you to approach your spiritual life with openness and an eye for the unexpected to discover God working in the everyday moments in your life, from the spectacular to the mundane.”

Read the Amazon review here.

Looks like an entertaining and self-reflective book, something that I need after going on the walk. I’ll save the prayer book for after this one.


Sep 25 2006

Next book

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I think I’ve found my next book! Thanks for the suggestions, on here and in person. I was thinking about going with one of the books suggested, but tonight I came across a book that I just have to read. It’s called “How to pray after you’ve kicked the dog” by Terry Teykl. It’s a book about prayer, and how to develop your prayer life based on your personality.

Renewal Ministries says this about the book: “Just why is it so hard to pray? You may be surprised at some of the hidden reasons. This, sometimes humorous, look at how to defeat intimidation, shame and fear of failure will give you a new freedom for your prayer life. Explore your prayer temperament and learn how to pray in a manner that is effective and personally satisfying. No matter where you are in your faith walk How to Pray After You’ve Kicked the Dog will encourage you.”

I’m looking forward to reading it; I make an effort to include prayer in my life as much as I can each day, but probably like many others, feel that it’s just not enough or that it’s just not ‘as good as it could be.’ I’m hoping that this book will give me a new spin on things and teach me to pray more effectively and personally.

My friend Phyllis gave a devotional tonight in our Emmaus team meeting about changing ourselves and our prayer lives. The point that hit me hardest was that she said that we need to change our prayer habits: that prayer is meant to change and grow us, not to give God a list of to-do’s. So…I look forward to reading it, and will let you know how it is!


Sep 18 2006

What next?

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I’m now halfway through the final book of the Left Behind Series. I’ve been reading these books for so long…I don’t know what I want to read next…

Has anyone read any really good books lately? I think I may want to stay on the Christian book-track for awhile…

Jun 13 2006

Left Behind

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On to book #5: “Apollyon”

By this time in the series, the 7 Seal Judgements (Rev. 6:1 – 8:1) have happened, as have the first 3 of the 7 Trumpet Judgements (Rev. 8:2 – 11:19). “The Appolyon” focuses on the 4th and 5th Trumpet Judgements; the darkening of the earth and the plague of locusts…ooooo….

Something I really enjoy about these books are the references to the bible on almost every page, and the reiteration of salvation and how to go about being saved. I think our salvation is a great thing to be reminded of on a daily basis for all Christians, as well something great for non-Christians who may be thinking about becoming saved. Just a little tidbit of my thoughts…

Philip, my little brother, has begun to “race me” in reading the books. He has in 2 weeks, read the first 3 books. Guess he’ll be overtaking me soon.

Jun 05 2006

Left Behind

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…on to book #4…

My little brother Philip has started reading the series again too.
Still waiting on that ‘currently reading’ Paul… 🙂

The last book, Nicolae was pretty good. A little slow in the beginning b/c of all the political stuff (which I’m not a big fan of politics), but got better toward the end and more fast-paced.
The books are finally getting into what I consider “the good stuff,” of the judgement seals and big-time action.

The next book is “Soul Harvest:”

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