Mar 03 2013

Sean’s bday weekend

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 11:46 pm

While we celebrated Sean’s 5th birthday in our house, we decided to make this his first birthday where he got to invite friends from school, the neighborhood, and church. We opted out of the home party and went to Jumpzone in Florence, KY. My mom came into town and really helped out. The kids spent the night at my mother-in-laws house friday night and we got to try out a Cinci landmark, Terry’s Turf House. Amazing burgers, but a tad loud inside due to the lack of space. Its one of those joints where we sat at a six top table and there were only three in our party. Part way through our meal and had another couple sit with us. Kind of awkward but we actually ended talking with them and exchanging great local restaurant info.
Back to Sean’s bday- he had a mixed bunch of kids from his life and it was a ton of fun. VERY hectic. Jumpzone is basically a nice-ified warehouse that has those huge air-filled slide/jump things. Our kids have been there a handful of times and just run themselves ragged. As did his friends on Saturday! It was a really a great time for the kids. Parents are usually pretty bored there and they REALLY rush you after your party is over because the next party is booked five minute after yours.
After all the hubbub was done, we decided to have the local family over for dinner since my mom was in town. My mom hasn’t had one of my “steak dinners”, so I decided to go all out and we had bacon wrapped fillets, asparagus, bearnaise sauce, mixed vegetables, sweet baby peas, and parmesan rissoto. We had appetizers too 🙂 shrimp and a couple of cheese and cracker plates.
Saturday morning, Emily did want to run a 5K run in cincy with some our our church friends but we missed the registration so we went to a local church and my mom, emily and I ran a 5k (actually 3.25-3.5 mi) to make up for it! I hope to make it a normal Saturday think – at least until the weather is nicer and I can get back to the track.
Mom had to leave early because the weather got weird today. We weren’t sure if a snow storm was coming or not and I think Lillian may have another ear infection – hope it isn’t time to get more tubes! Will be going to the doctor tomorrow I think.

Hope all is well with your family!