Jun 17 2006

Allman Brothers Band

Tag: Friends,GeneralEmily @ 10:04 am

Last night, Paul and I went out with Ruth, Ed, Matthew and Amberly and a few of Amberly’s friends to Riverbend to see the Allman Brothers Band. The music was great, weather was perfect, and the company was superb ;-). Unfortunatly, we had to leave a bit early because Paul had a motorcycle safety class at 7:30am, but it was great fun while it lasted! We sat in the lawn seats, so we got to spread out, mingle, and dance; much better than sitting close and having to be hush-hush so you don’t mess the show up for anyone else!

Jun 16 2006

A good day

Tag: General,Karate,The HouseEmily @ 7:52 am

We finally got our seed & straw yesterday!!! Only took 3 months! We spent about 5 hours watering it; guess the yard was a little bigger than we thought, had to move the sprinkler around about 12 times *sighs* We’ll be doing that for the next week or so I imagine. Any tips on getting those little grass seeds up and going nicely?

Megabyte is super excited about getting a yard. We can’t wait for it to grow in so we can get a fence (we have an estimate next week) and a deck (yay!).

Also, at karate last night, Cathy and I were given the black belts that they had ordered for us from Japan. They are Shureido belts, which are handmade in Okinawa, Japan (where Shokotan karate was founded). Normally, belts cost $4-10. These cost about $70. They are extremely nice belts; top of the line. Cathy are I are very thankful and appreciative of our Sensei for these belts!

Jun 13 2006

Left Behind

Tag: Books,General,ReligionEmily @ 8:58 am

On to book #5: “Apollyon”

By this time in the series, the 7 Seal Judgements (Rev. 6:1 – 8:1) have happened, as have the first 3 of the 7 Trumpet Judgements (Rev. 8:2 – 11:19). “The Appolyon” focuses on the 4th and 5th Trumpet Judgements; the darkening of the earth and the plague of locusts…ooooo….

Something I really enjoy about these books are the references to the bible on almost every page, and the reiteration of salvation and how to go about being saved. I think our salvation is a great thing to be reminded of on a daily basis for all Christians, as well something great for non-Christians who may be thinking about becoming saved. Just a little tidbit of my thoughts…

Philip, my little brother, has begun to “race me” in reading the books. He has in 2 weeks, read the first 3 books. Guess he’ll be overtaking me soon.

Jun 12 2006

Internet Phone Service

Tag: Fun Links and Stuff,The HousePaul C. @ 2:54 pm

SunRocket Internet Phone Service

emily and I signed up for Sun Rocket internet phone service and the kit arrived this weekend.  If you need our phone number, shoot me an email.   The service is $200 a year if paid annually (comes out to $17 a month) and includes a slew of features and two phone numbers.  The phone numbers can be in just about any area code.  So far its pretty good; I need to tweak the QOS settings on the router to get it just right, but we are pretty happy with it.

Jun 12 2006

Mom’s cabin

Tag: Family,General,VacationEmily @ 12:56 pm

Spent the weekend of June 2-4 in New York for the official “move in” of my mom’s cabin. We finally got some pictures online (see below). The cabin is beautiful!!! Paul and I drove her two dogs up there along with my little brother. Crazy, quick weekend.
Paul and I are going up to NY again in a few weeks, so we’ll get some more pictures of her cabin and stuff. We’re even going to take Megabyte with us! She’s never been to New York before, so she’ll get to meet all of her NY family 🙂

Jun 09 2006

Now Reading

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 3:08 pm

Thanks to Paul who added our ‘now reading’ section to our website. We should always have two books on there; one for each of us. You can see books we’ve finished, read reviews of books we’ve finished (if we write them), see what we’re reading now and what we’re planning on reading in the future!

Jun 05 2006

Girlie girl

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 8:46 pm

Megabyte spent the weekend at the Erlanger Pet Resort & Day Spa while we were in New York visiting family. When she was picked up, the lady kept referring to Megabyte as a boy. For her whole life, the poor thing has barely ever been recognized as a girl, maybe because of her name…maybe because she has a purple collar which could go both ways, and a blue leash (which is a boy color).

So this evening, Megabyte, Paul and I went to Petsmart and got Meg a pink girlie collar. She looks really cute, especially with her new haircut from the day spa. Hopefully, now people will see her and call her a girl and not embarrass her any longer. 🙂

Check out more cute pics of Meg by clicking on the picture below:

Jun 05 2006

Left Behind

Tag: Books,General,ReligionEmily @ 8:03 am

…on to book #4…

My little brother Philip has started reading the series again too.
Still waiting on that ‘currently reading’ Paul… 🙂

The last book, Nicolae was pretty good. A little slow in the beginning b/c of all the political stuff (which I’m not a big fan of politics), but got better toward the end and more fast-paced.
The books are finally getting into what I consider “the good stuff,” of the judgement seals and big-time action.

The next book is “Soul Harvest:”

Jun 02 2006

Samantha !

Tag: Family,FriendsPaul C. @ 4:14 pm

Congratulations to Jodie, Kurt, and Sydney for the addition to their new family! Samantha was born last night at 11:30pm and was 20 inches long (I can’t remember what Kurt said the weight was…)

Welcome to the world Samantha!


Jun 02 2006

Shihan Futamata

Tag: General,KarateEmily @ 2:47 pm

Shihan Futamata, a famous karate instructor from Japan, is visiting our dojo this week. He’s pretty hardcore! He has been teaching all of us a bo kata called “Shushi No Kun.” I’m pretty bruised up because you have to hold the bo differently for this kata and hit your arms with it instead of your sides (which seem to take the beating better). We all got pictures with him on Tuesday night after black belt class. He gave us an amazing workout; and of course he taught it all in Japanese! We didn’t understand any of it, except for stances, blocks and strikes (since the names of those are already in Japanese) but it was fun anyway, and we learned a lot.