Oct 10

Flashbacks of “Rescue 911”

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What a day! I let Meg out after work and noticed that she was sniffing around the basement window barrier thingy (very technical term there). There was a small hole in the dirt and I thought “great, we have a mouse living by our house.” Well, later that night, Paul and I let her out again and went out about a half hour later and found her covered in dirt head to toe after digging two holes about 8 inches deep and 10 inches wide. We got a flashlight and checked the holes and found a little mole crouched hiding in a tiny spot at the bottom of the hole, 30 more seconds and Megabyte would have had it! So now we have a mole in our backyard. Great. *sigh*

Then, Paul and I saw a rather big black spider on our foundation about a foot from the holes. Paul thought it may be a black widow and suggested we catch it (I was doubtful thinking that they didn’t live in this area). We did catch it and low and behold, it WAS a black widow spider! Immediatly my mind swept back to my childhood days of watching “Rescue 911” and the endless shows about people getting bitten by black widows and almost dying. I freaked out. 🙂

We brought the spider inside (in a closed jar of course), read up on the internet about them, took some pictures, and then sent it to heaven in the microwave before we headed to bed.

I’m still pretty freaked knowing that those are around here. I know they aren’t usually fatal for humans, but I’m more worried about Meg getting near one and getting bitten. We’ll have to be on the lookout for them now. Talk about a wild night! Check out the pictures of Meg’s dig and the spider by clicking on the picture below.


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  1. Mary says:

    Oh my goodness I would have nightmares all night long. I hate spiders so much. I can’t believe that you actually brought it in the house. Myself I would have found hairspray and set the thing a blaze!

  2. Sean C says:

    oof, that’s scary. Luckily in my neck of the woods, no poisonous spiders or snakes live… However, some spiders can make a nasty open wound on your skin about teh size of half dollar… It hurts especially bad when teh bite you right above the crack of your ass! It didn’t heal for three weeks… Thought my butt was goign to fall off.

    You should have an exterminator come out and spray for spiders…

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