Mar 30 2006

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 6:36 pm

Painting continues…

Today the guest & master bathrooms and the master bedroom were painted.

The green in the master bathroom is a little bright, but I think once we get stuff in there, especially our dark towels etc, it’ll calm down a bit.
He has to do another coat of paint in the living room and upstairs hallway. The cream that we picked didn’t cover as well as he thought…bleh, more $$. But…he’ll be finished tomorrow! He just has those extra coats and then the office and he’ll be finished! Money WELL spent, let me tell you!

Mar 29 2006

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 10:50 pm

Painting continues…

The kitchen was finished today, and the laundry room was painted. The guest bathroom and master bedroom are taped off, so I assume those will be done tomorrow. That just leaves the master bathroom and office which he’ll probably do Friday. Yay!

I started moving things into the kitchen tonight; used my dishwasher for the first time washing the newspaper scum off the dishes/glasses. 🙂

Mar 28 2006

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 6:39 pm

Painting continues…

Greg finished up the living room today and also did the upstairs hallway. He did the first coat of the kitchen as well. The red looks great! It’ll look even better with two coats; he should have it done tomorrow. So, only the laundry room, 2 bathrooms, office and master bedroom left, and then it’s go-time!


Mar 27 2006


Tag: The HouseEmily @ 5:54 pm

The front room and living room were painted today. They look great! The cream in the living room looks super light, but it’ll look better when the red kitchen is next to it I think. Really satisfied so far with the paint color choices! Tomorrow he’s going to finish cutting the living room, do one coat in the kitchen and do an upstairs room.

Mar 27 2006

We’re so bad…

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 9:31 am

So we went to HHGregg yesterday just to look at side-by-side fridges b/c Paul really wanted one. We found one we really liked, but it turns out that the freezer door would hit the wall in our kitchen when it opened, so we can’t get one. Paul and I found a really nice GE fridge, top and bottom that has an icemaker and a water dispenser in it, and it’s all black like we really wanted in the first place.

After finding our fridge, we decided to take a look to see how much the basic washer/dryer we got costs there. Our sales guy made us an unbelievable deal, and we ended up picking out a much higher quality washer/dryer with TONS more features. The dryer even has a moisture detector that stops it when it detects that there’s no more moisture in the clothes. Talk about energy efficient!

All in all, we got the new & better fridge, washer and dryer for the same price as the ones we “settled” for at Best Buy. The worst part of it all was having to go back to Best Buy and cancel that entire order…they hated us!! Oh well. Money speaks.

Here’s links to our new appliances:
Fridge: Click here
Washer: Click here
Dryer: Click here

Mar 25 2006

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 11:48 am

The pictures and videos of the black belt test are up.
I’m pretty sore. I went to the chiropractor this morning to get adjusted. I have a nice bruise and welt on my chin from that roundhouse kick. No wonder my neck hurts…

Unfortunatly there aren’t any videos of me breaking, but we’ll be sure to get one from the ceremony when I break concrete.

Click here to see pics/videos

Mar 25 2006

Black Belt!

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 2:03 am

I don’t even have words to describe the pain and exhaustion I feel right now. It hurts to type.

The test went great. Paul and my mom were there to watch me. I thought they would get to watch from across the room in the waiting area, but they made them sit at the edge of the mats where we tested…no stress!! I did great though. The sparring was horrific, torturous and brutal. I took a hard roundhouse kick to the head and now I can’t move my neck…I have to go to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. 🙁 Other than that, I got bruised, beaten and pounded for 2 minutes. I never want to do that again. But I did it.

Everything else was pretty smooth. I made it through kicks, punches and blocks with no problems, and katas went surprisingly well too.

I broke like a champ 🙂 We had to break one board with a punch, one board with a side kick, two boards with a palm strike and two boards with a front kick. I broke them all on the first try! Unfortunatly, the person that bought the concrete bought the wrong type, so we couldn’t break concrete tonight. (darn 😉 hehe)
We have a ceremony in 2-3 weeks where we will actually receive our black belts and be promoted. I assume that we’ll have to break concrete at that ceremony.

I have to get to bed. My body aches and my pillow is calling my name. We got some good pictures, I’ll post them tomorrow when I’m feeling a bit more chipper.

Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers my way…they really helped!!

Congrats also to Cathy who tested with me and passed too!! Way to go girl! We did it! 🙂


Mar 23 2006

Nerves are setting in…

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 8:05 am

Tomorrow is my black belt test. I feel pretty much prepared, but still a little worried. I have a good attitude about the whole thing. I’ve actually only been back to karate since September, so the opportunity to test is amazing. So, if for some reason I don’t pass, I’ll just try again in 6 months when I really feel comfortable. I feel pretty strongly about all sections (kicks, strikes, blocks, self-defense, one-steps, and breaking), but the sparring worries me because I haven’t done it for 10 years. It just feels foreign to me.
Hopefully Paul will come watch and take some pictures and videos. I’m going to try to get him to at least take videos of me breaking the boards and concrete (yipes)!
Check back Saturday to find out how I did. The test is from 4pm until midnight or so…bleh. If I can get out of bed Saturday, I’ll post about it 🙂

Wish me luck and send strength and safety prayers my way!

Mar 19 2006

Megabyte approves!

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 7:12 pm

We were out of town this weekend for a mock trial, so we didnt’ get to see our house after closing. We went tonight and took Megabyte. It was her first time out there. She was sniffing and running all around. Her favorite place was, of course, the sliding glass door in the kitchen. Got some really cute pictures of her checking the place out.
We hired the painter that I liked. He will start Thursday or Friday, and we’ll start moving stuff in as he finishes rooms. We can’t wait!!

Click here to see more pictures

Mar 17 2006

Homeowners again!

Tag: The HousePaul C. @ 1:31 pm

Signed, sealed and delivered. We are now homeowners again. Our real estate agent decided not to show up, but I will not go there at this time…Lets just say she’s an under achiever and won’t get any leads from us (this is NOT the same person that sold our house. Our selling agent was great!).
Anyway, the meeting took all of about 30 minutes this morning, and us forking over a check for $34k. Biggest check we have ever written 🙂
Now, its time to start planning my deck and what trees and plants we want to go with in the back yard. Any suggestions? I was actually thinking of a weeping willow on the street side of the yard, or the back right corner where it starts to dip down to go to the creek. The area is a high-sun area, and winters can get to around 0-10 degrees here. We are in a 6b-7b zone I think. Would be open to suggestions. No fruit trees, don’t want megabyte eating the fallen fruit! Something that grows farily quickly and can grow tall. I also thought about some bamboo, but figured that may look a little wierd 🙂

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