Apr 30 2007

Updates and musings

Tag: Cars,Fun,General,PaulPaul C. @ 11:17 am

Last week, before I left for the IT 2007 show in Ft. Worth, Texas, I upgraded the headlights on the Durango to a set of projections lamps.  If anyone has ever been in a 98-2003 Durango or 97-2001 Dakota, you probably know how poor the headlamps are.  Here is a before and after pic:

http://paulandemily.com/gallery/albums/Durango/IMG_4176.thumb.jpg http://paulandemily.com/gallery/albums/DurangoMods/P1011121.thumb.jpg
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On another note…Motorcycle helmets.  I will never understand why people don’t wear them.  1) it can save your life 2) Bugs.  Riding around on the back roads of Kentucky can be a great time, except there are a lot of gnats, mosquitos, etc.  Check out this pic from my ride home from work on Wednesday last week – this i just a 15 or so mile ride at 630pm!

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Apr 20 2007

More free software – clean up Windows…and fast!

Tag: Computers and Electronics,GeneralPaul C. @ 8:42 pm


This free tools does a number of jobs and does them very well.  It reminds me of Norton Windoctor, but it is about a million times faster, and gives good detail.  It cleans up registry issues, broken links, unused/missing dll’s,  etc.  I found this linked on an article from TheInquirer.net while I was looking for tools to clean up my XP install before I upgrade to Vista Ultimate.

Apr 19 2007

Happy Birthday!

Tag: Family,General,MegabyteEmily @ 9:14 am

Happy Birthday to Megabyte!! Meg is 4 years old today! We can’t believe that time has gone so fast. We got Meg two days after coming back from our honeymoon; she was 8 pounds and teeny tiny! Now she’s all grown up, has a little brother (Chip) and is the best friend and daugger (like dog and daughter combined – that’s what Paul calls her) we could ask for. Happy 4th Meg!

Look how she’s grown!

Apr 17 2007

Happy Birthday!

Tag: Family,GeneralEmily @ 6:53 am

Emily’s brother Philip turned 16 today! He passed his written test and got his temps, actually had a pretty decent picture too! He even drove Diana to O’Charley’s for dinner! Eep! Everyone watch out, Philip is on the roads!! 🙂

Apr 16 2007

New signs at Paul Brown Stadium

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Apr 14 2007

Happy Shower Ash!

Tag: Family,Friends,Fun,GeneralEmily @ 10:33 pm

I hosted a wedding shower for Ashley today. The weather was rainy and dreary, but we had a lot of fun and laughter inside. We played a few really fun games, enjoyed the chocolate fountain (we’re women, did you expect anything different?), and opened a mountain of wonderful gifts. Thanks to all those who came, it was a great time!

Apr 10 2007

Back from Vacation

Tag: Family,Fun,General,VacationEmily @ 8:46 am

We got back Saturday from our spring vacation.  This year we went on cruise with Diana, Phil and Philip.  We were on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas.  We left Sat. March 31 from New Orleans, stopped in Georgetown Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, and Cozumel and ended back in New Orleans.  The cruise was awesome; we had great weather, the ports were great and it was very relaxing.  Check out pictures below: