Oct 01 2012

Never order from TurboJunky.com

Tag: Cars,General,Grrr,really..?!Paul C. @ 11:59 am

I ordered a T-shirt from TurboJunky on August 23rd of this year during my lunch break. I should have googled the company first because there are a number of bad reviews for them. Anyway according to the FAQ on their website:

How long will it take for my order to ship?
Once an order has been placed your order will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-5 business days). International shipments via USPS Express mail or FedEx and usually take about 3-10 business days.
*(Weather conditions, holidays, or incorrect shipping information can delay shipments)

A few minutes after I received the payment confirmation email, I received an order confirmation for this shirt:

$4.99 plus $4.00 shipping. On August 31st, I hadn’t received any update to my order so I filled out the form on their website asking for an update. For some reason my account on their site isn’t working so I was unable to login there and view the details. Maybe I didn’t create an account. I’m not 100% sure on that. Never heard back.

On September 5th, I shot an email to moe@turbojunky.com and executive187@gmail.com (the email address I received a form confirmation from). Never heard back.

On September 10th, I posted to their Facebook page asking where my order was. I also sent a private message via Facebook to Moe Lufti who is listed as the owner-operator. TurboJunky posted a reply to my Wall post that it “will arrive shortly i am very sorry for the delay we are extremely backed up”. I replied asking for a tracking number and to define shortly. Never heard back.

One September 17th, I received an email notification that my item shipped. Thank God. His operation runs out of California so shipping via first class USPS or UPS ground should take 5 to 7 business days. Today is October 1st and it is exactly two weeks since the shipped notice. Nothing. I replied to the shipped notice this morning (sending to both the gmail and turbo junky account) and re-posted to my comment on the TruboJunky.com Facebook wall. I’ll bet I don’t hear back from them.

I should have paid with a credit card instead of a debit card, but in all my internet transactions, I honestly can’t recall a bad experience that didn’t eventually get resolved. If you google “turbojunky.com scam” there are currently 967 results and “turbojunky.com order problems” results in 3,630 results. I read through a number of forum posts where people either didn’t get their order, only got part of their order, or the order was wrong. Not only that, but the Better Business Bureau rates them as an “F”.

Isn’t this the stuff law suits are made for? I think I may spend a couple nights looking into that. Or talking to my father-in-law (he’s a lawyer). May contact the local sheriff as well. I did have one experience back in 2001 or 2002 where a guy took some money for aftermarket car parts in a “group buy” and we got him arrested. That was for more than an $5 tshirt though.

Nov 23 2008

well isnt this fun?

*edit: i tried to post from my cell phone…but the box to type the actual blog didn’t show up so I couldn’t finish it*
Well, for the first time in probably 6 years, I had a hard drive failure. This happened in my new PC – the one I built about 3 or so months ago. The drive is under warranty, but of course, that does nothing for my data. I’ve been able to pull off my thunderbird mail files – haven’t tested their integrity yet. Glad I could get those, as I have just about all my emails since 2001 or 2002 and would die if I lost all those.
Once I have it up and running, I’ll sign up for Carbonite.com’s service and start my backups again with Comodo Backup (free!).
It woudl be one thing if I heard the drive clicking or saw error messages in the Windows Syslog – but no. The PC locked up on Sunday afternoon, then bluescreened. I rebooted and it was trying to load GRUB off one of my secondary drives (guess it was installed on there from some previous install). Wierd…booted with an XP cd and the pc was assigning my XP drive with an E:. Reloaded the windows boot loader and reset the MBR only to have it reboot into XP and immediately bluescreen. Wonderful. Guess I know what I’ll be doing over the next few days – trying to recover data, and reinstalling Windows. I had XP Pro 64bit this last time ardound. Maybe I will go Vista Ultimate 64 bit this time. Of..maybe I’ll toss it all away and install Ubuntu. Its worked well for months on my laptop and I’m addicted to Frozen Bubble 🙂
Lesson learned:
No more OEM harddrives for me. Retail only.

May 19 2008

website was hacked

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,Grrr,really..?!Paul C. @ 3:39 pm

Due to an old version of wordpress, our website was hacked this morning by Q8 and Killer Hack. Looks like I need to bite the bullet and upgrade the wordpress install on here. Doing so may make us lose some features that I’ve added to the theme over time – heck it will likely break the website altogether!  Whatever the case, I will need to take the website offline to fix it.  I will leave the gallery up, but the blog will be down.  If anyone is curious, the hacker used this IP – – to access the site.  They used some kind of exploit on my wordpress version to change my 404.php page to be this:

click to enlarge

This basically gave them a file editor and complete control (as if they had ftp access) to the website.  With it, they browsed folders and upload/overwrote the main index file on this, and other websites I have hosted on this account. It was replaced with this:

click to enlarge

I believe this is the same way/reason our site is providing popup spam.  I haven’t located that yet, but I’ve looked a good deal.  Because of all this, PaulandEmily.com will be briefly going offline for an overhaul.  Probably really needed to anyway.  May get a new theme while I’m at it.

Sep 26 2007

How much longer??

Tag: Baby,Emily,General,GrrrEmily @ 9:54 am

Ugh…the last couple of days have been…well…the best way to describe it is, bleh.  I haven’t been sleeping well for awhile now, and it’s just getting worse.  I can’t ever get comfortable at night, which makes me tired and grumpy (or should I say more tired and grumpy) the next day.  I have to wear maternity clothes now because my ‘pre-baby’ clothes don’t fit anymore, but I’m still not really big enough for maternity tops yet.  So I’m grouchy in the mornings and all day because I don’t have clothes that fit or look good enough for work (in my opionion – Paul disagrees).  On top of the sleeping and clothing issue is this darn “pregnancy brain.”  I can’t remember anything, forget stuf, lose stuff, and feel incompetant at work because I can’t stay as organized or on top of things as I used to.  Grr.  All I can think right now is…I have 5 more months of this?!  I’m sure it’ll get better, just been a yucky couple of days.  Ahh…the joys of pregnancy.  Gotta love it!


Jul 17 2007

SunRocket is Toast

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,Grrr,Paul,The HousePaul C. @ 12:26 pm

GigaOM SunRocket is Toast, MEMO «

Crap.  Yes, Sun Rocket, the nice alternative to VOIP (Voice over IP or Internet Phone) service Vonage, is going out of business – and without ANY notice to its customers.  I’ve got two SunRocket accounts and we pay for the service annually, at $200 each.  One account just renewed a month ago yesterday for another year!  I already transfererd our 859-XXX-1286 number to Vonage and it apparently is already working on their service.  We won’t have their “gizmo” device to make the phone ring for another couple of days though.  If you need to get a hold of us, just call our cell phones.

Jun 19 2007

Something’s gotta give

Tag: Chip,General,GrrrEmily @ 9:47 am

I’m at my wits end with Chip lately.  My arms and legs have scars on them from his nails, and we can’t even walk through our house without getting attacked.  Lately, Chip sits in the corners and waits with his ears back and eyes squinted waiting for the slightest movement of your toes or legs and then attacks, wrapping himself around your legs, biting and clawing ferociously. 

I can’t stand it any longer, and Megabyte is starting to really get annoyed and bite him hard when he plays too rough.  I called my vet and asked about declawing.  I know there are a lot of animal rights issues surrounding declawing, but I’ve tried to live with him since November, and it’s just getting worse.  Sorry Chip, either the claws have to go, or you do.  We’ll try the claws first.


Jun 18 2007

All in a day’s work

Tag: Cars,Emily,General,GrrrEmily @ 6:00 pm

So I had a wonderful day at work today…

A kid from the day treatment program at my work got PO’d and ran out of the building away from the staff. Along the way he pushed one staff down on the sidewalk causing her to hit her head, then as he was finally getting caught/cornered by staff on the other side of the building, he decided in his fit of rage to use my car as a punching bag. He punched my hood three times, causing quite a substantial dent. It even has knuckle marks. After that, he decided to knaw up and down another staff person’s arm, breaking the skin in several places and sending him to the hospital. Luckily I wasn’t around when he did it, or else I would have been a little PO’d myself.

I had to file a police report on the kid. It was filed as criminal mischief 3rd degree/class B. The policeman said anything under $500 is 3rd degree, $501-$999 is class A, and over $1000 is a felony. I originally thought that it wouldn’t cost much to repair; maybe just pop it out. However, both autobody shops independently said that there are creases and they can’t pop it. One estimate was for $1012 and the other was for $1200. Guess I’ll have to call the police station and bump that class B misdemeanor to a felony.

So…I’ve had a great day. Hoping that my work’s insurance will cover it.

Check out pictures:

Jun 04 2007

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…and fail

Tag: Chip,General,GrrrEmily @ 7:56 am

Well, after months of training, Chip has finally won the battle of the toilet.  Last week out of nowhere he decided to refuse to use it.  He began to “go” in the bathroom sinks and showers.  Luckily those were easily cleanable spots (as opposed to carpet), but equally, if not more disgusting.  Even after severe coaxing and generous treat giving, he still refused. 

So, to my complete and utter disappointment, we are back to square one with a litter box.  I hate it.  It also brings up another problem of where to put it.  We had it in the laundry room before, but we had to have a baby gate up so Megabyte wouldn’t eat the “crunchy kitty treats,”  but I don’t want to have to have baby gates up in the house forever. 

We’re thinking about maybe putting in a kitty door in the basement door or something.  We’re not sure yet.  Oh well.  Win some, lose some.  Chip won this time.


May 18 2007

stupid theives….

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,GrrrPaul C. @ 2:37 pm

We had a focus group last night, and it went really well.  This was the first time I used our new hard-drive based camcorders and I was pretty excited.  Well, turns out I wasn’t the only one excited about them.  While I was collecting all my equipment from the break out rooms, someone stole one of the cameras.  Brian got their license plate and we had the contact info for the guys finance, plus I had the serial number at home for the camera.   I’m not holding my breath that we will get the DCR-SR82  back or anything. 


Mar 01 2007

National Safety Commission Supports Proposed Ban on Radar Detectors

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,GrrrPaul C. @ 2:23 pm

National Safety Commission Supports Proposed Ban on Radar Detectors

UGH!  If this bill passes I will be ticked.  To be honest, I really don’t speed that much anymore, now that I sold my Talon and got the Durango, but thats not the point.  For one thing, I don’t think cities and states would like this bill either.  Traffic violations are a *huge* source of income for many municipalities.  Also, there are other studies showing that higher speed limits actually reduce the risk of accidents.  Sometime in the last year, Indiana increased the limit to 70 on I-64, which is great for when we go visit my parents in St. Louis.
Not that I think something like this would ever pass because there are many businesses that make a lucrative amount of income based on these devices (Valentine, Bell, Cobra, Escort, etc.) and I’m sure they would lobby the heck out of Congress to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Heck, there’s also the geek factor in this.  I love my gadgets and my radar detector (from www.CarDomain.com) is pretty nifty.

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