Sep 27 2010

September Stuff

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 10:40 pm

Sorry for the long delay in a post! September has been a busy month for our family of 3.5. Labor Day weekend, we spent a fun weekend in the mountains at Cathedral Domain (a camp/retreat owned by the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington). Sean had a blast. We went hiking in the woods, played games, and hung out.

A couple weeks later my mom and my Aunt Karen came for a visit and we spent the saturday at A Day Out With Thomas. It was my and Sean’s first time riding on a train (not counting the Metro in DC/Spain) that I can remember. Sean got to meet Thomas and Sir Toppham Hat.

Sean also started his preschool/daycare at the big kids school. His daycare splits the age groups 0-2.5 years (or when potty trained) and the older kids into two different locations. After his first couple days there, Emily picked him up and he said “Mommy, I want some new shoes”. So they went to the store and he picked out a pair of white sneakers with characters from Disney’s Cars movie on them. He was very proud. His feet are also finally big enough to wear his Chuck Taylors that Megan and Matt gave him for his first birthday!

Emily is doing really well. Starting to get to the uncomfortable phase of things. Only 6.5 more weeks to go I think! We are just about ready (good bye to my sleep schedule once again!)