Nov 25 2006

All settled in

Tag: Chip,General,MegabyteEmily @ 11:26 am

Chip is all settled in to our house.  Megabyte is a tad jealous, but she’s getting used to the idea of having a furball running around.  Meg follows him around everywhere making sure he’s not getting into anything he shouldn’t.  Check out the new pictures below:

Nov 22 2006

What’s in a name?

Tag: Chip,Family,GeneralEmily @ 8:49 pm

We have a new addition to our family! A kitten was found at my work today and needed a home. It was a funny coincidence because Paul and I were talking just last night about the possiblity of getting a cat for Christmas. He saw Dr. Heekin today (our vet) and was given a round of meds and blood tests. He has a very very small heart murmer, but she said he should outgrow it and it’s not a big concern. He also has 6 toes on each front foot! Dr. Heekin said it’s common in the Northeast (my aunt has had cats with 6 toes), and it’s not a concern, just a little something extra!

We are very happy to have him! Megabyte is getting used to him; she’s been sniffing him out a lot. No disagreements yet, they seem to like eachother!

He’s very snuggly and we think he’s very happy to be home. We do need a name for him though! Danielle from my work suggested Pixel (to go with Megabyte’s computer-type name); we could call him Pix for short. Paul is iffy about the name since it sounds like Pixie, and he wants him to have a manly name.

Any suggestions for names??

Nov 15 2006

She could win…

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She could totally win the cutest puppy of the year award, don’t you think?

Nov 15 2006

The crack

Tag: General,The HouseEmily @ 9:09 pm

We’ve had a crack in our basement (foundation) for quite awhile.  We finally had the builder come out with a foundation repair guy to look at it / repair it.  They had to take off the insulation that lines the basement walls, and fill the crack.  It was a lot worse that I thought…but they said it’s not that bad and that their work is guaranteed for 20 years.  Click HERE to see pictures of before and the process of filling it.  They still need to come back, finish up, and re-apply the insulation.

Nov 15 2006

Need for speed!!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 9:25 am

I was downloading a cd image before coming into work this morning and noticed something different…my download was peaking at 10-10.1 mbit/sec! I tested my upstream speed – which is normally a cable modem’s weak spot (usually capped at 125-384kb/sec), and got up to 1 mbit a sec! SWEET! Here are some screenshots:

NetPerSec screenshot DSLReports

When I was getting into my car this morning, I noitced I had dropped some mail on the ground last night while bringing it in.  One was a letter from InsightBB announcing the change.  They still haven’t updated their website.  Wonder what the Broadband Plus speeds will be now?


Nov 10 2006

Funny song :)

Tag: Fun,Fun Links and Stuff,ReligionPaul C. @ 11:29 am

The Blog | Paul Hipp: METH AND MAN ASS | The Huffington Post

First of all, I got a kick out of the story about Ted Haggard, but the link above is a song about it.  Its not safe for work and probably small children, but I think its pretty darn funny! 🙂


Nov 06 2006

I can’t believe I’m putting these online…

Tag: Family,GeneralEmily @ 10:42 pm

Since we’ve all been collecting pictures of our childhoods for Brian and Ashley’s wedding, I decided I might as well put them online, since they are so cute!

Try not to laugh too hard at my pudgy thighs in some pictures…I thinned out as I grew up!

Click the picture below to see them all! Ash and Brian – can you email me the ones that you have from Dad so I can add them to my website?

Nov 06 2006

Basket case

Tag: Family,Friends,Fun,GeneralEmily @ 10:09 pm

My mom had her every-other-year Longaberger Basket party tonight.  It was great.  There was lots of great food, fun games, and an awesome scavenger hunt throughout the house that had people running finding clues for about an hour!  Cathy won the scavenger hunt and got a great prize!  Yay Cathy!

My mom is placing the official order on Thursday.  If anyone missed out and still would like to order something, email me or my mom!

Check out Longaberger’s website to see all the stuff.


Nov 03 2006


Tag: Family,General,Megabyte,The HouseEmily @ 5:25 pm

We got a Halloween package from Paul’s parents yesterday with some really cute Fall and Halloween decorations / table linens for our house.  Also in the package was a cute shirt for Meg (of course) that says “woof” :-)  She likes it a lot and it fits her great!  Thanks Narni & Lary!

Nov 01 2006

Happy Halloween!

Tag: Fun,General,Holidays,MegabyteEmily @ 5:56 pm

We had a great Halloween; it was our first one in our new house! We had a lot more kids than we thought, considering it’s a brand new neighborhood. Meg sat on Paul’s lap most of the time, greeting the princesses and goblins and vampires that walked up to the house. They all wanted to pet the cute puppy!

She got a Halloween hedgehog (her favorite squeaky toy) that she quickly disemboweled and a new pink argyle sweater to keep her warm this winter. Check her out: