Jun 29 2007

I like the dentist??

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Paul and I went to a new dentist today, Edgewood Dental Care.  I really liked them.  They have state of the art equipment, tv’s in every room (great so you don’t have to listen to what’s going on in other rooms), very kind and extremely gentle staff and really cool dentists.  The dentist we saw, Dr. Mosher, was 30 years old and really down to earth.  It was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had.  Pretty amazing from someone who really hates the dentist. 🙂

Jun 29 2007

And that’s how it should be…

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Found out yesterday that my work WILL be paying to get my car fixed, on their insurance.  I’ve been standing firm on not paying since it’s happened.  I got the feeling for a long time that they weren’t going to pay it.  Their insurance company is sending me a check then I can get it fixed!  Woohoo!

Jun 25 2007

Best Quiz. Ever.

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This quiz is very truthful and everyone should take it!

Link to quiz – click here!

Jun 22 2007

Don’t Park Here!

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Can’t believe we didn’t blog about this. A week or so ago, we had something interesting happen to the house across the street from us. I was fast asleep, Sean (visiting from Seattle) was just heading for bed, and Emily was asleep as well. Around 2AM, both Sean and Emily heard a loud CRASH from outside the house. Emily looked out the bathroom window, and a neighbor’s work truck was up in our lawn with its front end smashed in. Moments later, another CRASH followed, this time from out front.
Apparently, a drunk driver in a Dodge Dakota R/T (5.9l V8 in a light weight truck) slammed into the Chevy S10 outside our house, lost control further, careened through one yard/driveway missing a tree, and into the next house taking out their garage door, two brick columns and missing the car in the drive way by about three inches!
Sean ran out and saw the guy – totally hammered, get out of his truck and start to stumble/walk away! Sean tried to stop him but the guy just wanted out of there. So, Sean ran back into the house and grabbed a video camera and taped the next part of the evening.
The cops showed up and brought out the police dog and they sniffed out the guy, who was hiding in the bog/woods behind the houses. When they dragged him out, his pants were around his ankles and his tighty whities were quite muddy 😉
The Enquirer had an article: http://tinyurl.com/38ufzw

click the photo to go see the gallery!

Thankfully, no one was hurt! Well…almost no one:

Jun 20 2007

Does Chip read our blog?

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So I know it’s wierd, but ever since I wrote that post about Chip being declawed, he’s been Mr. Nice Cat.  He’s all purry and lovey and rubby all over you.  He’s even cuddled with me in the morning!  Hmm…suspicious.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  Guess I’ll give him one more chance.

Also, I bought something today that should help with my aversion to litter boxes (hence why I tried toilet training in the first place).  It’s the Litter Locker, and it’s a special cat litter trash can that seals up the ‘stuff’ in a bag so it has no smell.   Kind of similar to those special trash cans for baby diapers.  Instead of me trying to explain, check it out below:

Jun 19 2007

The Big 5-0

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Rolled 50,000 miles on the Mazda today. *sigh*  Now that it’s off warranty, we’re waiting on something terrible to happen or parts to start falling off.

Jun 19 2007

Something’s gotta give

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I’m at my wits end with Chip lately.  My arms and legs have scars on them from his nails, and we can’t even walk through our house without getting attacked.  Lately, Chip sits in the corners and waits with his ears back and eyes squinted waiting for the slightest movement of your toes or legs and then attacks, wrapping himself around your legs, biting and clawing ferociously. 

I can’t stand it any longer, and Megabyte is starting to really get annoyed and bite him hard when he plays too rough.  I called my vet and asked about declawing.  I know there are a lot of animal rights issues surrounding declawing, but I’ve tried to live with him since November, and it’s just getting worse.  Sorry Chip, either the claws have to go, or you do.  We’ll try the claws first.


Jun 18 2007

All in a day’s work

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So I had a wonderful day at work today…

A kid from the day treatment program at my work got PO’d and ran out of the building away from the staff. Along the way he pushed one staff down on the sidewalk causing her to hit her head, then as he was finally getting caught/cornered by staff on the other side of the building, he decided in his fit of rage to use my car as a punching bag. He punched my hood three times, causing quite a substantial dent. It even has knuckle marks. After that, he decided to knaw up and down another staff person’s arm, breaking the skin in several places and sending him to the hospital. Luckily I wasn’t around when he did it, or else I would have been a little PO’d myself.

I had to file a police report on the kid. It was filed as criminal mischief 3rd degree/class B. The policeman said anything under $500 is 3rd degree, $501-$999 is class A, and over $1000 is a felony. I originally thought that it wouldn’t cost much to repair; maybe just pop it out. However, both autobody shops independently said that there are creases and they can’t pop it. One estimate was for $1012 and the other was for $1200. Guess I’ll have to call the police station and bump that class B misdemeanor to a felony.

So…I’ve had a great day. Hoping that my work’s insurance will cover it.

Check out pictures:

Jun 04 2007

Congratulations Brian and Ashley!

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My big brother Brian got married to Ashley this past weekend! Congratulations!

It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. We had a great time this weekend spending time with friends and family, but it was a busy one.

The weekend started off with a bridesmaids’ dinner on Thursday night at Triple Crown Country Club. It was a very nice gesture, and a time when the bridesmaids, Ashley and ‘the mom’s’ could get together, share stories (which made us all cry), and relax a bit before the big events started. It was a great start to the weekend!

Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was at The Waterfront restaurant. It was beautiful as well.

All the girls spent time at The Hilton getting ready, doing our hair, sharing laughs and eating lunch. While we were getting ready, Brian showed his romantic side. Ashley kept getting deliveries of two roses tied together with a red ribbon, along with a card every 1/2 hour. Each card had 1-2 sentences telling “their story” written by Brian. It was so romantic and sweet, we were all in tears each time one arrived at the door!

The girls went to Covington along the river to take pictures before the ceremony, and actually ended up running into the guys’ limo! Luckily they saw us before Brian did and ducked him down so he wouldn’t see us or Ashley! A close call! We found it really funny, that of all places to go in Northern KY for pictures, we all chose the same place!

The ceremony was just gorgeous. We were all trying to hold it together, but one look at Brian’s face made all the girls start bawling. You could tell that we was so ready to see his bride!! The funniest part of the whole night was right when after all the bridal party walked down the aisle, and they closed the doors in the back of the church so Ash and her dad could get ready to come down the aisle. Right after they closed the doors, Brian walked down the steps from the altar and starting heading down the aisle. Everyone in the church (including the bridal party) had the resounding reaction of “what is he doing?! Is he leaving? Is he going to get her? What is he doing?!” He walked all the way down the aisle to the very back row, picked up a box, opened it, and slowly and carefully, starting sprinkling pink and red rose petals on the aisle runner for his bride. He sprinkled them all the way up the aisle to the steps of the altar, put the box down, then got back into his place. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! It was the most romantic and sweet gesture that any of us had ever seen. After that, Ash and her dad walked down the aisle, and the night began.

Who knew my brother was such a romantic. 🙂

I have a link to some pictures that Heather (one of the bridesmaids) and her husband took throughout the weekend. Sarah (Ashley’s step-mom) has some too, but I’m waiting on the link from her.

Check out the pictures below; we’re so glad we have some now so we don’t have to wait for the photographer!

Heather’s pictures


Jun 04 2007

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…and fail

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Well, after months of training, Chip has finally won the battle of the toilet.  Last week out of nowhere he decided to refuse to use it.  He began to “go” in the bathroom sinks and showers.  Luckily those were easily cleanable spots (as opposed to carpet), but equally, if not more disgusting.  Even after severe coaxing and generous treat giving, he still refused. 

So, to my complete and utter disappointment, we are back to square one with a litter box.  I hate it.  It also brings up another problem of where to put it.  We had it in the laundry room before, but we had to have a baby gate up so Megabyte wouldn’t eat the “crunchy kitty treats,”  but I don’t want to have to have baby gates up in the house forever. 

We’re thinking about maybe putting in a kitty door in the basement door or something.  We’re not sure yet.  Oh well.  Win some, lose some.  Chip won this time.