Mar 25 2010

Hey there…Long time no see!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 10:23 pm

So its pretty obvious that Emily and I have been very lazy when it comes to our website.  We’ve both been busy with our jobs and life in general.  I guess the other reason you don’t see too many posts on here is because of Facebook.  Facebook has essentially ruined many of the blogs I used to visit.

Its so much easier to make the quick “status” update on there and post a few pics as opposed to all the back end stuff required to update this site.  Its interesting too see how the internet has gone from websites like Geocities in the 90’s (they offered free websites to anyone that wanted one), then the early 200’s brought us people wanting their own sites (like this one!) to the modern day where its just easier to post on social media sites like Facebook and the (on its way out) Myspace.

We won’t be abandoning this site of course – we’ll probably just not be posting to it as much as we did in the last few years.  We recently discovered that being a parent keeps you super busy!  Whoada thunk it?  We do have quite a few photos to post to the gallery to catch up on recent events.

Did you know that Sean turned two back in Feb?  YUP!  Our lil boy is a BIG boy.  We had a GREAT birthday weekend.  BIG sean flew in from Seattle and Megan and Mom came into town from St. Louis for the party.  Sean had a great time before his party going to the hotel pool with mom and big Sean (that kid loves to swim!).  We were hoping Aunt Karen and Uncle ted would make it, but that didn’t work out.  We hope to have them visit soon 🙂

Sean’s party was great and emily made an AWESOME Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  We were worried that he wouldn’t want her to cut into it, but everything worked out 🙂

Hmmm…what else?  We carpeted the third floor and bought a super comfy Serta futon to go up there.  I think its going to become our default guest room since our current one has two twin beds which doesn’t work out great for most visitors.

We had Emily’s sister Cate visit over her sprint break.  It was the same week as Emily’s spring break so Emily put her to work.  Cate had never painted before (whhhaaaat??) so she and Emily repainted our office while she was here. 

Sean is currently potty training.  Holy SMOKES that is one of the most stressful things I have ever done in my LIFE!  (our life..I’m married 🙂 ).  Sean is starting to warm up to it after a few weeks.  I think in a couple of weeks we will pretty pretty solid on it.  I’ll tell you – this kid is SMART.  He figured out that if he holds everything until bedtime he can “let go” in his pullups once he is in bed and then we have to change him etc. He also figured out that warm bath water “encourages” him to go, so he started hating baths. TSEC ( his day care) has done a good job coaching us on all of this so we are making progress.

Spring is coming so that means yard work, playing outside for Sean, etc.  I’m looking at picking up a new car-toy to tinker on – thats another blog post in itself though.  Hope this was a good catch-up for everyone.  Comments are welcome!