May 30 2006

Left Behind

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Since Paul hasn’t installed the “now reading” feature on our website, I’ll keep everyone up to tabs on my books 😉

I started the 3rd book in the series Left Behind over the weekend:

I can’t believe (and niether can Paul) how fast I’m reading these books. They are really gripping and you can’t put them down. And…they keep getting better the more you read. I’m trying to get Paul to read them too, we’ll see if he jumps on the bandwagon with me.

May 30 2006

New furniture from the Cahill’s

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Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted anything about the house. We actually have done a lot, but we’ve been so busy that we forget to keep everyone updated.
Paul and I went to St. Louis last weekend and picked up some furniture from his parents for our front room. Lary (Paul’s dad) made us a beautiful hall table which looks amazing in that room, and his mom gave us an IKEA chair which if I say so myself, is the most comfortable and best napping chair in the world 🙂
We got a few more things like a nice clock, but haven’t hung them yet.
We’re going to have to get our butts in gear about hanging pictures, etc in our house. We haven’t done it yet; guess we’re scared of breaking through the new walls.

Click here to see some pictures of the new furniture.

May 25 2006

And the FZR is gone…

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Well, about 3 hours ago, a guy from Indianapolis came and picked up the FZR. I owned it for a year and two weeks. When I bought it mother’s day weekend in 2005 (sorry mom!) it looked like this:

the fizz

A year later, it looked like this:

the fizz later

I sold it for $1500, which is about $500 more than I paid for (although I sunk a tad over $1000 fixing it up!) But, thats what a hobby is for I guess. Emily, my loving and very kind wife, let me keep a portion of the proceeds from the sale and I plan on sinking them into the FZ6. Exhaust? Touch up addons (wind screens, lower cowling, etc…)? Need to customize it someway though!

May 22 2006


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Grrr….so again…we’re waiting on our house. We were promised seed & straw for our yard by June 1st. I called the sales counselor today to ask if she’d heard anything about grass, since the deadline is only about a week away. She said that she’d heard from other people this morning and was already on the phone with the superintendent.
The superintendent called me back and said that they are getting rid of all the rocks and putting down topsoil today, but that it may be weeks before we get seeded due to weather. Weather? The weather’s been great! Grr…anyway, who knows when we’ll get grass…or a fence. Hopefully things will turn around and we’ll get it sooner than later; I’m so tired of DIRT (so is Megabyte).
Wonder if Fischer’s ‘oopsie’ has anything to do with this taking so long (Fischer is our builder’s parent company).

May 22 2006

Left Behind

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So I have a new venture in my life…I’m starting to read the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. I’ve been hounding Paul to add a “currently reading” section to our website, since I am always reading something.

If you haven’t heard about it, the Left Behind series is written about the rapture of the church (God calling all of his followers to heaven) and the story of how those that are left behind prepare for the seven years of tribulation until the glorious appearing of Jesus at the end of days.

The first book titled “Left Behind”

gives a brief synopsis of the rapture and introduces the main characters. I finished that one this weekend and am already, after only 1 day, halfway through the second book, “Tribulation Force.”

There are twelve books in the series, and then they are actually adding some more books as prequels to the first book, to basically lead up to the rapture that takes place in the first book.

So far I really like the series. Has anyone else read it??
Thanks to Amberly who introduced the books to me!

May 16 2006

New Bike!

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After shopping around and researching for a few months, I finally decided on a new bike: A 2006 Yamaha FZ600.

May 14 2006

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to our 3 moms (Narni, Diana and Colleen)! Hope your day is wonderful and full of love and relaxation!

May 09 2006

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May 07 2006

Landscaping part 2

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 9:22 pm

We pretty much finished the little wall in the front of the house. We still have to get 1-2 more blocks for the corner; and get a block split to fill in the holes on the side by the house. We also have to buy blocks to surround the tree out front, but at $2.77 per block, I think we’ll wait a bit.

Click on the picture below to be directed to the gallery.

May 07 2006

Karate gallery back up

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Ok, hopefully I got the black belt graduation pictures/video back up and running. If it doesn’t work for some reason, let me know. *crosses her fingers*

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