Oct 30

Ok…I’ve been slacking

Tag: Friends,GeneralPaul C. @ 1:32 pm

I haven’t posted a new blog in a long time (since Oct 4..holy cow!).. What I’ve been up to:

Been extremely busy at work (its trade show season and we have been releasing a bunch of new features).
Went to the annual Cinci DSM Shootout.  I may not own a DSM anymore, but I still have a lot of friends in the group (many of whom don’t own DSMs either anymore)
Ryan Gast and Jessica got married this weekend.  Was a nice wedding and a fun reception.
Emily and I went with Chris, Jim and Cathy, Dallace and Tina, and a few other people to see Spamalot in Cincinatti.  It was a whole lot of fun! (PS – I fart in your general direction)
I have a cisco networking class on Thursday nights.  Thursdays are very long days for me…luckily the class only has a few more weeks.  I’ve also ruined the curve in that class for others 🙂
I attended the LinuxFest Ohio with Jason earlier this month also, up in Columbus.  It was fun…and boy were their some nerd there 🙂
In other news, one of my best friends, Jeff N. will be leaving in a couple of weeks for a 12-14 month tour in Iraq.  Good luck Jeff!


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