Jun 21 2008

Old funny

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I found this in an old email today and laughed. It’s SO Megabyte’s dream:

Oct 26 2007

How cute is that?

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Our friend Daniel (Dmoney) sketched a picture of Megabyte. I hope he sends it to us so we can frame it; it’s really good!

Click here to see it.

He did it from this picture:

Jul 22 2007

Say Cheese!!

Yesterday, Emily and I went to Best Buy and bought a new gadget. Four our anniversary (Aug 9th, so just a little early), we bought a Nikon D40x Digital SLR camera. I have friends who have the D50, D80, D40 and D200 and love them. I went with Nikon instead of my favorite brand, Olympus, because the lense options and after market support for the Nikon seemed to be stronger. Guess I need to start brushing up on those skills I learned during my two photography courses back at Murray State! This is the camera:

Nikon D40x

Emily has started playing with it and taking photos of the cat, dog, and some other things. The image quality is flat out amazing. The detail it pics up in Macro, zoom, and normal range is pretty amazing.
Now what extras should I buy? I think we are going to get a lense hood/shade and a filter. I found an article on Digital -Photography-School.com that lists the 10 most popular lenses for Nikon DSLR cameras, so I can use that as a reference.

Click here to see some pictures we’ve taken so far.

May 13 2007

Paw Park

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Megabyte and her cousins (Lizzy, Sadie, Savannah and Sydney) all went to the Kenton Paw Park today to play. It was a beautiful day, sunny but cool. The girls had a great time romping around with other dogs and making new friends. See pictures of their fun day below!

May 07 2007

New Pictures

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Put up a couple sets of pictures from the last few days…

First, the bunny hole. As described in the post below, here are some pictures of it after mowing and fur removal. There are a couple of cute pictures of Megabyte in there too 🙂 The lat picture is one of her tonight (5/7/07) sitting in the dark in the yard about 5 feet from the empty nest/hole, staring at it…just waiting for the bunnies to come back. Cute stuff.

Next, are pictures of Chip, just doing his thing. There are two pictures of him in his new favorite sleeping spot; in the recycling basket in the kitchen, and a few of him in a very dainty relaxation posture. 😉 Wierd cat.

And last but not least, some pictures of the day lilies that we transplanted from New York (at Emily’s dad’s) last summer and planted along the side of our house. We were worried that they wouldn’t take, with the differences in climate and soil, but they are up and growing strong. They haven’t bloomed yet, but it’s still early in the season. We can’t wait until then!

May 07 2007

Shame has been brought to our family

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Well, our family is shamed…we mowed our lawn for the first time yesterday and mowed right over a family of bunnies (they are all ok).  They had a nest smack dab in the middle of our fenced in yard!  All that time, and Megabyte never sniffed them out! 

For years, Megabyte has been known as the devourer of stuffed animals, and a threat to the life of any little animal that dares to come in our yard. When we found a family of bunnies that has been living in the yard for weeks, we were shocked and amazed that Meg didn’t sniff them out.

We remember about a month ago, Megabyte spent hours running around the yard with her nose to the ground, apparently sniffing out something, but never found anything.  I guess she was smelling the bunnies.

So, now she’s embarrassed and ashamed that she let 5 babies and a mommy bunny grow up in her yard without seeking them out and devouring them.  Try not to make too much fun of her if you see her. 🙂

Apr 19 2007

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Megabyte!! Meg is 4 years old today! We can’t believe that time has gone so fast. We got Meg two days after coming back from our honeymoon; she was 8 pounds and teeny tiny! Now she’s all grown up, has a little brother (Chip) and is the best friend and daugger (like dog and daughter combined – that’s what Paul calls her) we could ask for. Happy 4th Meg!

Look how she’s grown!

Mar 27 2007

For the grandparents…

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Megabyte got her first ever report card yesterday when she came back from daycare. She spent the morning at Erlanger Pet Resort in a trial run of day care. That way, when we’re on vacations, she can spend some of her time in there instead of in the cage all day every day.

She did very well and made a great impression. We’re very proud parents 😉

Click on the pictures below to see what they wrote about her:

Mar 22 2007

You did what?

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Megabyte had her “interview” at the Erlanger Pet Resort and Day Spa yesterday. She gets boarded there whenever we go on trips. They also have a day care, and we figured it’d be fun for her to be able to play in the day care during the day while she was boarded. In order to become a “qualified member” of the day care, your dog has to pass an interview and 3 hour test-run in the day care. Yesterday, we met with the staff and she watched Megabyte play around the room by herself, and then brought in another dog and watched their interactions. Megabyte of course did everything perfect and had her tail wagging the whole time; she loved it. Actually, she loved it so much that she decided she was going to poop on the floor during the interview. Megabyte! We were so embarrased! Of course that was normal behavior, but Paul and I got a kick out of her pooping during her interview; great first impression Megabyte! *sigh* 🙂

Feb 27 2007

Come walk with me!

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The local Women’s Crisis Center is having their second annual Doggie Derby on April 28.  We missed it last year, but are planning on going this year.  It’ll be lots of fun; a dog walk, tshirts, pet psychic, pet portrait photographer, demonstrations, and prizes.  Megabyte is really excited about meeting new friends.  Anyone want to join us?

Click here for more details.

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