Mar 20 2011

Facebook has killed the blog

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 10:05 pm

If you aren’t on Facebook, you’ve missed out on everything about everyone that you know. Its crazy how one website has replaced so many means of online advertising and communication. When I first got online, if you didn’t have a website on geocities or some other free service, you were not online.
Basically, Emily and I will be posting new photos here and there to our Gallery, but most updates and instant photos will be posted to facebook. We both have android phones, so it makes it very easily.
I may try to tweak our website to post some of our facebook stuff here, but with two kids, two very busy jobs, and only 24 hours a day…your best bet is to join facebook and start sending “friend requests” to all the people you know and knew.

Radio is dead.