Feb 28 2008

There’s no place like home

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Paul and I were discharged from the hospital today; we got home around 2:30pm. He seemed to like the car ride home; slept most of the way. He looked so cute bundled up in that giant car seat! After we got home, he ate some lunch, then his Uncle Brian came to visit him for the first time. Man…they look alike! Little Sean’s hair is the exact color of Brian’s, it’s quite amazing. My hair is much lighter. We got out some pictures of Paul as an infant, and Sean definitely has his dad’s nose and cheeks and his feet for sure.

Megabyte reacted very well to Sean’s arrival. She did a lot of sniffing, but was very good about not getting up on him or anything. She’s very curious about all the smells and noises.

Currently, Sean is sleeping in the cradle that his Grandpa Cahill made him. He seems to really like it!!

We are all doing quite well and are really really happy to be home. Things are a lot easier and quieter here. We are working on getting the downstairs all set up for me, as I can’t go up and down the stairs except to go to bed for at least a week.

Check out pictures from today:

Feb 27 2008

Labor, Delivery & Beyond

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Hey everyone!  Thought I’d try to get a post in while I can…

Everything went really smoothly yesterday with labor & delivery.  Labor actually wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be, thanks to my friend Ron who did my epidural ;-).  I came into the hospital Tuesday morning at around 3cm.  They started me on Pitocin at 6am and I started having contractions within 2-3 minutes.  I had my water broken around 8:30-9:00 because I had only progressed to 4cm and my doc wanted things to go a little faster than that.  By 10:30 I had had enough with the contractions and wanted the epidural; by that point I was 5cm.  All the nursing staff were impressed that I lasted that long, but I don’t remember the contractions being painful until around 10 or 10:15….guess I was just lucky.

The rest of the labor was wonderful, got some rest and time to chat with Paul, etc.  Delivery was good as well, I actually only had to push for about 20 minutes.  Little Sean did not like the pushing part, his heartrate dropped significantly each time, so the doc decided to get him out faster with forceps.  That got him out really quickly, and the rest is history! 🙂

We’ve had a really good first 24 hours with him.  He’s extremely good natured, and only cries when we’re changing him or his clothes.  Guess he doesn’t like to be cold…hehe.  He started out with feedings really well, but then forgot how to suck so we had to resort to syringe feeding him formula this afternoon.  He’s doing a little better now, and we figure that we’re both just learning and it’ll get better and easier with time.

We plan on heading out of here around lunchtime tomorrow.  We’re looking forward to introducing Sean to Megabyte and getting home to peace and quiet, and a much homier environment!

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, prayers and support!  We’ll continue to post pictures as we take them, I know everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for more and more! 🙂


Feb 27 2008

Pictures up from Day 2!

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Click here for the album from today (we’ll add more when Philip comes to visit tonight).  Lots of cute ones!  Sean had his first feeding last night and took to it like a champ, but was more finicky today so we had to feed him some formula.  He’s been sleeping ever since.  Emily got to change a poopy diaper today, and this morning he peed on the doctor.  Emily plans on posting tonight on her labor and delivery so stay tuned!

Feb 26 2008

The Deets on the new Mcgillicutty

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Sean Andrew Cahill was born at 6:27pm. He weighs 7 pounds, 2.8oz and is 21 inches long. We are exhausted, as is Sean. He just got done with his first meal, thanks to Emily’s mobile lunch carts 😉 He really latched onto feeding. Very few problems so far! I got the “honor” of cleaning the first diaper. Sean gave me the honor of filling the diaper two more times while I was trying to change the initial gift.
I think I may try to hit the hay for a while. I suspect we will be up a couple times tonight.

We have a big window in our room so I should be able to get some nice natural light shots.

Feb 26 2008

Getting Closer….

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Nurse just came in and put emily in an upright position to help her “labor-down”. did a check and she is now at 9cm!!! Shouldn’t be too much longer :)  Mom is still in great spirits and saving her strength for the pushin.

Feb 26 2008

start of the day one gallery

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This is the start to the photos from today. Not much up there.

Unca Sean also created an online video using the CarDomain Video service (easier to use than my download link). Clicky clicky

Feb 26 2008

And here it is.

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I took a video of the heart monitor that baby Sean is attached to.  Basically there is a tube that connects to his scalp to monitor his heart rate.  Emily is now 100% efaced.

right click, save as or save link as or save target as.. and save it to your PC.  Its around 9MB

Emily didn’t want to be on video just yet.  We should have some photos of mom-to-be up soon.

Feb 26 2008

And the fans cry for more…

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Emily is currently resting. She is dilated further – although I can’t recall if the nurse said 6 or 7cm. Think it was 6. I will have a little something for the website in the next 20 or 30 minutes.

Feb 26 2008

And she rests….

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So I wussed out.  The doc came in to administer the epidural and I took that as my moment to run and hide.  (I have a needle phobia…yeah I’m a wus).   Plus I wanted to get lunch because I knew that we still have four or five hours to go and I certainly wouldn’t want to get food once little Sean is here.  Emily is quite content now with her numb lower half.  We are watching the baby monitor on the console next to the bed and it spikes for a contraction…but she feels nothing.  She ate a third of a red Ice Pop and is going to try to take a nap.  I’ll probably catch up on some reading.  Got the next Harlan Coben book to keep me entertained as well as some TV shows I didn’t get to see on the tube.

Feb 26 2008

Its a waiting game.

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Emily is doing well still. Contractions are 1.5 – 2 minutes apart and pretty hefty. She’s bearing with them though and putting off the epidural. Water broke around 8 or 9 am (i think?) and that sped things up. She’s “relaxed” on an exercise ball for a while because the contractions seemed worse when she was laying down.
She’s pretty hungry right now and was relieved to find out she could eat 30 minutes after Sean joins us – as long as she keeps her juice down after the birth. I suggested that I could pick up some Jeff Ruby’s for her…but the nurse said we should stick to something easy like a sandwhich…shows you what I know 🙂
More later!

update: epidural is coming.  we are now 5cm. 10:45am

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