Mar 28 2007

3 down, 2 to go

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 7:38 pm

Haven’t updated on Chip’s pottying adventure in awhile.  He’s doing really well; 3 of the rings are completely gone, with only 2 remaining.  He’s balancing perfectly on the sides now, and getting all his “stuff” in the hole.  It’s really quite funny when he does go, it sounds like a human in there 🙂

I’ll have to get a video sometime of him.  Our cameras are both out of whack right now, the screen is broken on one and we’re missing the adapter to pull off pictures for the other, so it may be awhile.

I’d say by the end of April Chip should be completely trained.  Yay Chip!

Mar 27 2007

For the grandparents…

Tag: General,MegabyteEmily @ 7:51 pm

Megabyte got her first ever report card yesterday when she came back from daycare. She spent the morning at Erlanger Pet Resort in a trial run of day care. That way, when we’re on vacations, she can spend some of her time in there instead of in the cage all day every day.

She did very well and made a great impression. We’re very proud parents 😉

Click on the pictures below to see what they wrote about her:

Mar 22 2007

You did what?

Tag: General,MegabyteEmily @ 6:51 am

Megabyte had her “interview” at the Erlanger Pet Resort and Day Spa yesterday. She gets boarded there whenever we go on trips. They also have a day care, and we figured it’d be fun for her to be able to play in the day care during the day while she was boarded. In order to become a “qualified member” of the day care, your dog has to pass an interview and 3 hour test-run in the day care. Yesterday, we met with the staff and she watched Megabyte play around the room by herself, and then brought in another dog and watched their interactions. Megabyte of course did everything perfect and had her tail wagging the whole time; she loved it. Actually, she loved it so much that she decided she was going to poop on the floor during the interview. Megabyte! We were so embarrased! Of course that was normal behavior, but Paul and I got a kick out of her pooping during her interview; great first impression Megabyte! *sigh* 🙂

Mar 19 2007

He’s all grown up

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 6:45 am

It’s hard to believe, but Chip is 6 months old now. He’s getting really fluffy and his hair is really long and thick. He’s become a Mama’s boy; always wanting to snuggle with me. Paul’s not jealous though, because Megabyte is a Daddy’s girl.

Check out new pictures of Chip:

Mar 18 2007

Curtains at last

Tag: General,The HouseEmily @ 8:12 pm

We finally broke down and got curtains for most rooms of our house.  We’ve actually been looking for ones that we liked since we moved in, but never found ones that screamed “buy me!”  We finished installing the valances in the kitchen a few weekends ago (still need to get pictures of those), and this weekend put curtains in the front room, living room, and office.  We also hung our wedding picture on the wall.  The curtains look great and make our house really homey.  It’s amazing how much warmth and coziness curtains can add.  We love them.  Only took a year! 😉

Mar 11 2007

Congratulations are in order!

Tag: Friends,General,PaulPaul C. @ 10:35 am

Congratulations to Stephen and Allie, and to Jason and Cindy! Both recently got engaged last week. We’re happy for all of you!


Mar 04 2007

Happy Birthday!

Tag: Emily,Family,GeneralEmily @ 11:09 am
Happy 1st birthday Nehemiah!! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Lookin’ good in that cake! 🙂

Mar 03 2007

Uhhh…where’d it go?

Tag: Chip,Emily,GeneralEmily @ 2:32 pm

I removed 1/3 of the second ring today. The rings get bigger as they go, so I’m going to be taking only 1/3 at a time because I don’t want him to get freaked out by the ever increasing size of the hole.

He’s going on the toilet with the bigger hole with no problem! It’s really funny to watch him make the transition to the larger hole though. I was in the bathroom getting ready today and he jumped up and peed. He was standing right over the hole, so he actually went right into the hole into the water! Since it all went down into the hole, there was nothing to cover up. He turned around, and sniffed around confused as if to say “uhh….where’d it go?” hehe. I gave him a treat for his good work!

Mar 02 2007

Training update

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 11:28 am

A quick update on Chip’s potty training for everyone…

He’s doing well, the first ring is entirely removed and he doesn’t care a bit.  We had a scary incident this morning, his back foot fell through the hole as he was walking around on the toilet and got all wet.  He jumped down and seemed really “pissed off” (as Monkey would say).  I had to work with him for about 10 minutes with treats to try to encourage him to get back up on the toilet.  I think it scared him.  Luckily I saw it happen and got him back on track right away.  Would have been really bad if he had become scared of the toilet and stopped the process.  *sigh*

Hopefully he’s ok with it again and nothing is peed on when I get home.

Mar 01 2007

National Safety Commission Supports Proposed Ban on Radar Detectors

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,GrrrPaul C. @ 2:23 pm

National Safety Commission Supports Proposed Ban on Radar Detectors

UGH!  If this bill passes I will be ticked.  To be honest, I really don’t speed that much anymore, now that I sold my Talon and got the Durango, but thats not the point.  For one thing, I don’t think cities and states would like this bill either.  Traffic violations are a *huge* source of income for many municipalities.  Also, there are other studies showing that higher speed limits actually reduce the risk of accidents.  Sometime in the last year, Indiana increased the limit to 70 on I-64, which is great for when we go visit my parents in St. Louis.
Not that I think something like this would ever pass because there are many businesses that make a lucrative amount of income based on these devices (Valentine, Bell, Cobra, Escort, etc.) and I’m sure they would lobby the heck out of Congress to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Heck, there’s also the geek factor in this.  I love my gadgets and my radar detector (from is pretty nifty.