Jan 29 2008

So THAT’s what’s wrong with me!

Tag: Baby,Emily,GeneralEmily @ 10:06 pm

Ever since the last few days in December, I’ve had several of bouts of dizziness and near fainting (even have had to leave work because of it). All the reading I did said that dizziness and lightheadedness was fairly normal in late pregnancy, but I knew that something had to be wrong. I can no longer stand up for more than 10 minutes without getting faint, I feel completely drained ALL the time, and get feel lightheaded pretty much all day. Nothing I eat or drink seems to help. I talked to my doctor Thursday about it; and he did some bloodwork on me. Turns out that I’m anemic. Darn kid; not only is he beating the living tar out of me, but he’s stealing all my iron too! My mom said that since he’s been doing triathlons in there and stealing my iron that she’s now going to call him Ironman. 🙂

My doctor prescribed me iron pills and said that should drastically help. My counts were really low, plus my blood pressure’s been on the low end, so I’m hoping for rapid improvement.

Glad to hear that something is going on though, I hate when I know that something’s not right and all tests come back normal; it’s just frustrating. Luckily, there actually was something off, and it’s an easy fix without any concerns for the baby.

On top of that though, I’ve caught a nasty cold. So, not only do I feel like crap from the iron being low, but now I have a head cold that I can’t take anything for…yay!!! I love pregnancy!! (just a wee bit of sarcasm there…)

Only 5 more weeks….only 5 more weeks…

Jan 29 2008

35 Weeks

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Sorry about not getting last week’s picture up, we kind of forgot until Thursday, then we got busy and just didn’t do it.  Anyway, the 35-week picture is up and all I can say is “oh my gawd.” 🙂

Click here to see it. 

Jan 27 2008

Toy box from Grandpa Cahill

Tag: Baby,Family,GeneralEmily @ 9:10 pm

Paul’s dad, Lary, has been working on a handmade toy box for Little Sean. He finished it and Narni brought it down this weekend to my shower (hope to have those pictures posted soon). It turned out really great, and got rave reviews at the shower! No one could believe that it was handmade. We put it in Sean’s room when we got home and filled it with all his big toys that he’s gotten so far. It fits perfectly in the spot we measured for it. The green feet are great, especially with the bright red shiny nails! Thanks again Lary, we love it!

Jan 27 2008

Hooter Hiders

Tag: Baby,GeneralEmily @ 8:23 pm

Paul and I were in Babies R Us today cashing in some gift cards, and a lady was in the same isle with us with a really cool breastfeeding cover-up on. Another lady walked by her and asked her about the cover. She said it was a “hooter hider” and that she loves it because it not only covers you up, it has a rigid neckline that lets you see baby and baby see you. She told us the website where she got it from, and I looked them up. They are really neat; I want one! I really like the green paisley one; I think I’ll beg Paul for it 😉

Jan 27 2008

A Movie every Cinci-area person must see…

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 8:19 pm

Since I bought the Jetta, I’ve joined the local VW group.  Today, I came across a post about a movie that some of the members were helping to work on.

Cornhole: The Movie 

Those that read here, and aren’t from the area may never have heard of cornhole – or maybe you have and you are thinking I’m gross for blogging about this.   In fact, Cornhole is a game that is played with two angled boards with a hole cut in the top, and bean bags filled with cornmeal or dried corn.  Just google it, I’m sure you will find links on Wikipedia and other sites.

Anyway, the movie looks super corny (no pun intended, i swear!), and ought to be a good laugh.  Can’t wait to see it!

Jan 26 2008

Happy Birthday Cate!

Tag: Family,GeneralEmily @ 6:09 pm

My little (well, not so much anymore) sister Cate turned 20 today! Geez, I feel OLD. 🙂 Hope you have a great one Cate! See you soon!

Jan 24 2008

Do’s and don’ts with babies

Tag: Baby,Family,Friends,Fun Links and Stuff,General,PaulPaul C. @ 1:20 pm

Do’s and don’ts with babies

(Big) Sean passed this link on to me. I guess he is concerned that maybe I won’t be educated enough when (little) Sean comes into our family. Here is an example:

Jan 23 2008

WinDirStat – More Free (great!) Software

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,PaulPaul C. @ 4:45 pm

WinDirStat – Windows Directory Statistics

This is a program that I use on a regular basis on both my home and work PCs. Basically it goes thru your hard drive and will give you a visual picture of how files and directories are using the space

The top pane shows the file structure with a bar that gives you an idea of the percentage its using, the size it uses, how many items (if its a folder you click on), etc. I use it to see what in God’s green earth is taking up all my disk space so I can periodically clean things up. for example, maybe I downloaded a CD Image of a Linux distro DVD, or some new video game demo that I promptly forgot about after burning to a DVD. This can help you locate those. If you use this with my previously blogged CCLeaner, your PC should be zippy as usual. As a side note, I also go thru my add/remove programs and look thru programs I don’t use anymore. Typically, I’ll find some software that sounds like something I can use, install and try it, and not like it…but then don’t immediately uninstall. A Clean PC is a happy PC!

Jan 22 2008

Do you have common sense?

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 12:50 pm

Go to this site and answer the four related questions about common sense. 

I am willing to admit that I got 4/4 wrong. *sigh*

How’d you do?


Jan 20 2008

Busy weekend

Tag: Baby,Emily,General,PaulEmily @ 9:48 pm

I had a really busy weekend getting things ready for Little Sean. I started to make several lists: the hospital bag “what to pack” list, the “what needs to be done around the house before baby comes” list, and the “need to buy before baby comes” list. Paul and I hung up lots of stuff in Little Sean’s room too; the wall hangings, the two valances, the quilt, and a toy hammock. Everything is really starting to come together in the room and it is looking more and more ready to house a little boy! We are getting really excited, and with only 6 weeks left, we can hardly contain ourselves!

Look at pictures from his room after hanging everything:

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