Jan 31 2007

Better late than never

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 10:36 am

So I’ve never really made a New Year’s Resolution before.  I think I’m going to make one this year, even though it’s a little late.  When I won the AirHead Trivia on Air1 Radio earlier this month, one of the prizes I won was a 1 year bible.  I’ve been reading it every day, and have decided that I’m going to make a goal to read the whole thing this year.

Sad to say, I’ve never read the bible completely.  I’ve made many attempts; tried to read straight through a couple times, but never made it past Samuel or Kings.  I’ve tried reading the New Testament as well, but didn’t get all the way through either.  I have listened to the entire New Testament on CD though, if that counts.

Anyway, I have begun reading the 1 year bible and so far it’s been very easy.  This book gives you a page or so of the Old Testament, a bit of the New Testament, a passage from Psalms and a passage from Proverbs each day.  In all, it’s about 3 pages in the book per day, not too bad, only takes about 15 minutes.  It’s really easy reading, and my mind doesn’t get sidetracked because it mixes up the areas of the Bible each day.  I found that reading straight through the Bible gets a little dry.  It’s never worked for me in the past anyway…

I’ve got some catching up to do since I didn’t get the book until 1/2 way through January, but I’m getting there.  Currently reading twice a day until I get caught up.  Hopefully making this goal public will keep me on track and actually make me commit to my goal more seriously.  🙂


Jan 26 2007

Happy Birthday!

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 8:51 am

Happy Birthday to Cate!!  We hope your day is wonderful!



Jan 24 2007

Blog layout update!

Tag: Computers and ElectronicsPaul C. @ 4:10 pm

I did some re-arranging on the blog today. Added a shoutbox to the site on the side bar. You can use it to leave messages for us without having to reply to a topic. The post will show up automatically and pretty much instantly. Hopefully we won’t have a spam issue with it like Chris did over at KY Blogger. I also moved the categories down to the bottom of the site. We kept adding more an more with each post and it was getting really long. Don’t think many (any?) people use them much anyway.

Jan 24 2007

More great software…

Tag: Computers and Electronics,GeneralPaul C. @ 9:52 am

Notebook Hardware Control (NHC)

NHC is a great program that digs into your laptop and gets all kinds of great information.  Yeah, that part is pretty geeky, but even for the non-geek it can provide some good insight about your laptop.  Some of the features I like are its ability to display CPU temps, harddrive, temps, battery wear level, etc.  It also allows you to adjust the CPU speed, graphics card processor speed etc.  Give it a shot, it doesn’t take up many resources and sits quietly in the systray.

Jan 23 2007

NAIAS 2007

Tag: Cars,GeneralPaul C. @ 11:24 am

On Saturday (21 Jan), I went to the Detroit Auto Show for the fourth consecutive year. I always have a good time there – checking out the concept cars, sitting in vehicles I know I can’t afford, and hanging out with friends. I took some photos (HERE) but certianly not as many as the previous years (2005 and 2006). This wasn’t intentional – heck I brought two cameras! … Just had some bad luck. The batteries in my Olympus D720 died about 1/2 way through the event. “No big deal” I thought, “I have my backup Canon!”. Unfortuneatly, when I dug the Canon out of its case, the LCD screen had a very large crack in it. I could still use it, but the veiwfinder is pretty pathtic so I decided not to deal with it.


Jan 22 2007

Another Bungle Arrested…

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 2:29 pm

According to the news feed on Insight Broadband, another Bengal’s player was arrested this weekend, this time for drug possession.  Do all NFL teams have as many problems as our fair city?  I remember when St. Louis first got the RAMS, there were quite a few drunk driving arrests, including one player who plowed over and killed a pedestrian.  He got a slap on the wrist and I believe was arrested sometime later on another drunk driving stop.

People wonder why I don’t like sports – I vew these players as ambassadors to society- children (and adults) look up to them and they need to remember this and act accordingly.  If we are willing to pay them the salaries they feel they deserve (and by “we” I mean everyone else who buys mechandise, tickets, etc. since I don’t own anything like that), then those players need to wise up.

They make decent enough money that cab fare should be a drop in the hat.  Or heck, have the teams pay someone a mediore salary to be an on-call designated driver!  Sign me up, I can handle that one!  I’m sure the coach would rather get a call at four in the morning from a drunk player (or other methods of innebriation) than from the team’s lawyers or local PD annoucing their arrest.
Do other professional sports leagues have these problems or is the media “out to get” the Bengals?


Jan 12 2007

It’s all coming back to me…

Tag: Family,Friends,Fun,GeneralEmily @ 9:03 am

Last night we all had dinner at Brian and Ashley’s.   Curry and Sarah (Ashley’s parents) brought over a game for all of us to play; Mille Bournes.  Mille Bournes is a car racing card game, getting points for collecting “miles” cards, and trying to stay on “roulez (go)” and avoid getting stopped by various predicaments like flat tires, accidents and speed limits. 

Brian and I used to play this game in our 8th grade french classes.  I remember the game being a big hit then (everyone was fighting for turns during free time), and it was again a huge hit last night. Even Paul who hates playing games had fun playing!

I definitly recommend getting this game if you are into faster-paced fun card games. 



Jan 10 2007

I’m the big Air Head!

Tag: Fun,General,ReligionEmily @ 12:30 pm

I listen to Air 1 Radio all the time (90.1FM for those in our area).  I love listening to AirHead Trivia on days that I can catch it, it’s usually on about 11:00am daily.  I sometimes try to get on it b/c the questions seem relatively easy…

Today I was driving back from a school visit with a kid, and called in and loe and behold I got through!  I was going to be an AirHead trivia player!  I was playing a welder (Devin) and a student (Kristin).  I forgot where they were from. 

The first question was: In bowling, if you knock down all pins with two balls you have scored a what?  We all chimed in at the same time, but Kristin squeaked hers in sooner and got it right with “a spare”

The second question was: What century are we living in?  Again, we all chimed in at once, but Devin’s chime was heard first and he got a point for “21st”

The third question was:  What device regulates the temperature in your house?  I chimed in first and got a point for “thermostat”

That made a three-way tie 1-1-1.

The fourth question was:  In the game of Cribbage, you move what to keep score?  Even though I don’t play, I knew it was the game with the board and pegs, so I chimed in first and got a point for “pegs”

The fifth questions was:  What are the three states of matter?  Devin chimed in first with “liquid, solid and gas” and got a point.

That put Kristin out of the running, and Devin and I had a tie-breaker question for the win.

The fifth and final tie-breaker question was: True/False: boxing is considered the sweet science.  I was thinking true, but was too scared to chime in, thinking I’d lose the game.  Devin chimed in about 6 seconds later and said “false”  Since it was true, I WON!!  I was the BIG AIRHEAD!

I won two Sanctus Real cds and a 1-year Bible.  Cool :-)  Congratulations me on my 15 minutes of fame!


Jan 04 2007

New TV!!!

Tag: Computers and Electronics,The HousePaul C. @ 4:20 pm
I’ve been watching the different models of HD TV’s for the last few months and saved my birthday BBY gift cards (including my kareoke winnings), bday checks (thanks everyone!), and a little hard earned cash and finally bought one. Picked this up last night at Best Buy using their buy online, pickup at the store option on BestBuy.com. Its the Samsung HL-S4676S – 46″ rear projection DLP Slimline TV. Comsumer Reports rated some other DLP models by samsung very highly, but I went with this one because it has a smaller foot print (only about 10 inches deep, compared to my current Sony Trinitron 36″ TV that is almost 30 inches deep). I picked up an “HD” antenna from best buy as well, but I’m not happy with the range so I will probably take it back and get a Terk HDTVI or HDTVA. That model is highly reccomended on the AVS Forum and I’ve had a couple of friends reccomend them as well. Hopefully I’ll upgrade to digital cable or HD Sattellite one of these days, but I still can’t make myself pay that much money for TV programming. I do miss the Speed Channel (although *not* the nascar crap) and G4/Tech TV.

Jan 02 2007

New Year’s 2006(7)

Tag: Friends,Fun,General,HolidaysEmily @ 9:37 am

This year we went to Shimmers (formally known as Barrett’s) in Ft. Wright.  We got dinner, dessert and champagne, then hung out until the ball drop listening to Just Gravy.  Some of Jim and Cathy’s friends play in the band, we’ve listened to them before and loved them. 

The funniest part of the night was the ball drop.  We were in the ballroom of Shimmers so there weren’t any TVs.  The band stopped playing at about 2 till midnight, we got our champagne and headed to the dancefloor.  We waited and waited, but no countdown.  We started laughing because our cells phones said 12:01.  At 12:02, the manager finally came running out of the kitchen yelling “7! 6! 5!….”  Whoop-de-doo!  So we basically missed it; it was pretty funny.

We had a great time though; good company & good music.  Can’t ask for much more.  Happy New Year everyone!  And try to remember to write “07” on everything now!