Oct 04

Kennel Cam – Megabyte

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Kennel Cam – Megabyte

That’s right!  Now Megabyte can be seen all day long on this fun thing called the Internet! She’s going to be famous! OK, maybe not.  I picked up a Logitech Quickcam STX from Best Buy last night because I had $25 in reward zone coupons (love that program!).  They were out of the Microsoft camera that I wanted, so I thought I would try this.  The program I am using is called WebCam XP and it does a live stream, has quite a few config options and can use more than one camera!  I’ve got a TV Tuner card in the PC and a camcorder @ home that I am going to try out with it as well.  The software I’m using supports up to 8 cameras, and you can have all 8 feeding at the same time.  Pretty nifty.  Would like to get a camera angle inside her kennel and maybe one aiming outside towards the driveway or front door.


4 Responses to “Kennel Cam – Megabyte”

  1. Chris says:

    Is the camera currently off? I’m getting a “cannot connect to server” error. Seems like cool stuff. Let me know how it all works out.

  2. Paul C. says:

    Sorry. Yes, the Kennel Kam is only online during the day…because thats when Meg is in her room. The rest of the time she is out with us.

  3. Megan says:

    Too cute!

  4. Mom C says:

    Tried to see Megabyte…she rarely seems to move…but I read notes about books, blown tires, hand bruising concrete…love, mom

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