Jun 16 2012

Fun times!

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We have a lot of Catholic churches in our area and they all hold annual festivals. We went to one last night and Sean is all about the rides. He was JUST tall enough to ride the Scrambler

We took some more and you can click here to see them.

Jun 16 2012

Summer Soccer!

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Last summer, we enrolled Sean in the Happy Feet soccer program. He really didn’t enjoy it too much. He was really shy and did not want to participate at all. This year we enrolled him again and its been a complete 180. It probably helps that we practiced with him since last summer so he was more familiar with what was expected of him. Today was the first day and he did great. He needs to learn to follow/keep his eye on the ball and not follow where the pack is running, but he does have really good ball control so far.
Click here for the gallery!

And to the victor goes the spoils!

Jun 15 2012

New photos are up! More News!

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OMG – a blog post!
We had Sean and Lillian’s photos taken by Denise and DMB Photography. I uploaded them to teh gallery. Click the pics below to get to it!

In other news, Big Sean moved from Seattle to St. Paul, MN a few weeks ago. I flew up there with Stephen and then the three of us along with Tim drove back to St. Louis. Over 3000 miles in 4 days. We have a ton of photos to share, but haven’t had time to edit yet. Soon!