Jul 31 2007

Ask me why I’m doing this…

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Ok, so I’ve decided to put my “belly” pictures online.  What female in their right mind would put pictures of themselves online gaining weight?!?  Argh.  Oh well, I’m sure people want to see it.  Paul has been taking a picture of me every week since we found out we were pregnant, to be able to watch my belly grow.  There hasn’t been much change yet, only a little thickening of my waist and a tiny little pooch starting 🙂

Soon I’ll be a house…hehe.

Click here to see them.

Jul 31 2007

Maternity clothes already?

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As unbelievable as it may sound, I’ve already started wearing some maternity clothes. The clothes I usually wear are more ‘fitted’ in style, so they aren’t taking to my expanding waistline as much as I’d like. I spent the last 2 weeks looping hair ties through my button holes and around my buttons to add an extra inch or so to all my pants. Well, that’s not quite working anymore, and it’s getting uncomfortable to squish into my clothes.

Colleen was in town this weekend, so we took a ride to Kohl’s and the mall and got a pair of maternity jeans and khakis. I swear, they are the most comfortable things ever! There’s something to say about having a big elastic band around your waist…easy on/off, comfy as heck, and a personal joy of “Yay, I’m pregnant!” even though most can’t tell just by looking at me. 🙂

I’m 9 weeks now…this is what my little one should be looking like…how cute!

Jul 26 2007

Changes….and a bit of a weekly recap.

Getting restless with the website. Its been online in this format since at least December 2005. Those that know me well, know that I get restless after 2 or 3 years of the same old same old 🙂 Maybe that explains my car “habit” (time for a change about now isn’t it?). I guess it goes back to my military childhood of moving every two to three years.
Anyway, I’m thinking its about time for a theme change on the old blog. Of course I haven’t mentioned it to Emily yet 🙂 This all came about after doing some work on Heather and Ashley‘s blogs. I think I am still using an older version of the blog software, so it would have to be upgraded to the 2.x version to work with many new formats and layouts. So keep your eyes peeled, there may be some new changes afoot.
On an unrelated note, my Dad is doing really well. His recent trip to the oncologist brought back some very positive feedback on his treatment. At 42% reduction in the tumor size and a significant reduction in the [stuff] they measure for cancer in the blood. As Mom says, he is a poster boy for his current treatment plan 🙂 Their website is listed on the links to the right of the website.
Emily and I will be going to New York for the first weekend in August. We’ll be visiting her dad and stepmom and spending some time at Diana’s cabin. Maybe I can finally watch a movie in the home theater room that I designed and installed? (and never got to have fun with!)
My brother is taking the Motorcycle Safety Course up in Seattle this weekend. I think everyone should take this class.  Heck, even if you don’t plan on getting your two wheel note on your ID, I encourage anyone to take it. Could save the lives of many of us on two wheels. Plus you will learn the thrill of riding a motorcycle. Its truly a freeing feeling.
Guess I should go to bed now as work draws near.


Jul 23 2007

So THAT’S why we bought the camera!

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Paul’s been doing all the posting lately, but that’s mostly because I’ve been saving up for mine. As you can tell from the picture below (or because we’ve already told you), we’re pregnant!! We are 8 weeks along; due March 5, 2008. We found out on June 23, and have kept it a secret until now. It was the hardest secret we’ve ever had to keep.

We had our first ultrasound on July 9 at 5 weeks, 5 days. The baby was 2.6mm. My doctor was a little concerned though because the heartbeat was in the low-normal range. I had to go for a 2nd ultrasound this morning, and everything checked out perfect. The baby has grown to 15.4mm and the heartbeat was 163bpm. Everything was perfect and it had grown by leaps and bounds, so we decided it was time to tell everyone. We of course called parents, and siblings and are in the process of telling people at our work and our friends. We figure that within a week most will know either from us or from reading this 🙂

I’ve been pretty sick the last 1.5 weeks. I get really nauseous if I don’t eat every hour and a half. Food is very unappetizing to me, but I have to keep eating anyhow. Paul has really stepped up (thanks for raising a great one Lary & Narni!) with cooking, shopping, housework, and pet care. I couldn’t ask for a better husband, especially when I feel so yucky.

Check out the picture below, and click on it to see the rest of them. We’ll keep updating as time goes on!

Jul 22 2007

Say Cheese!!

Yesterday, Emily and I went to Best Buy and bought a new gadget. Four our anniversary (Aug 9th, so just a little early), we bought a Nikon D40x Digital SLR camera. I have friends who have the D50, D80, D40 and D200 and love them. I went with Nikon instead of my favorite brand, Olympus, because the lense options and after market support for the Nikon seemed to be stronger. Guess I need to start brushing up on those skills I learned during my two photography courses back at Murray State! This is the camera:

Nikon D40x

Emily has started playing with it and taking photos of the cat, dog, and some other things. The image quality is flat out amazing. The detail it pics up in Macro, zoom, and normal range is pretty amazing.
Now what extras should I buy? I think we are going to get a lense hood/shade and a filter. I found an article on Digital -Photography-School.com that lists the 10 most popular lenses for Nikon DSLR cameras, so I can use that as a reference.

Click here to see some pictures we’ve taken so far.

Jul 20 2007

Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites

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Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites

Thought this was pretty interesting, and highly detailed.  Check it out and make sure you zoom in *ALL* the way!

Jul 18 2007

Welcome to Kentucky!

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comic - http://www.creators.com/comics/6/7733_thumb.gif


Jul 17 2007

More free software – IrfanView!

IrfanView  (link here!)

This is a very popular image editing software.  Its great for people like me who take hundreds of photos and then need to resize them in a large batch to put on the web.  Also has some other nifty features like converting, printing, slide shows, etc.  Give it a whirl!

Jul 17 2007

SunRocket is Toast

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GigaOM SunRocket is Toast, MEMO «

Crap.  Yes, Sun Rocket, the nice alternative to VOIP (Voice over IP or Internet Phone) service Vonage, is going out of business – and without ANY notice to its customers.  I’ve got two SunRocket accounts and we pay for the service annually, at $200 each.  One account just renewed a month ago yesterday for another year!  I already transfererd our 859-XXX-1286 number to Vonage and it apparently is already working on their service.  We won’t have their “gizmo” device to make the phone ring for another couple of days though.  If you need to get a hold of us, just call our cell phones.

Jul 13 2007

Bacon Salt – Cause everything should taste like Bacon!

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Link: Bacon Salt

My brother sent me this link.  Wow…When you think everything in the world has been thought of.   How did they come up with this?  Eating a baked potato with a sprinkling of Baconny Bacos, the guy thought “hmm…I like bacon, but this bacos bits are too big and get in the way of my butter and sour cream?”.

Of course…I will have to try it.

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