Dec 29 2006

Christmas Pictures

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Our Christmas pictures are finally up.  Click here to see them.

Some of the ones from Diana’s house didn’t rotate correctly; we’ll keep working on it.

Dec 25 2006

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Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope all of our family and friends have a safe and joyful Holiday!


Paul & Emily

Dec 23 2006

Master’s Martial Arts Xmas Party

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Last night was the black belt Christmas party for Emily’s karate school.  It was at the clubhouse of Sensei Steve’s apartment complex.  The black belts all chipped in and got Sensei Steve an XBox 360!  He was floored and immediatly plugged it in (of course).  Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 23 2006

He’s getting so big!

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Took some more pictures of Chip last night, he’s getting so big!  Look at the pictures below for a compairison of the day after we got him (11/22) and last night (12/22).  Click here to see more pictures from last night.

Dec 21 2006

Welcome Baby Eden!

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My cousin Rebekah had her baby, Eden Michaela Warner, last night at 7:10pm. She’s doing well and so is her mommy. Congratulations Bekah! She’s adorable!

Click here to see pictures of her!

Dec 17 2006

Car-Part Christmas

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Pictures are up from the Car-Part Christmas party.  Click here to see them.

Dec 17 2006

Congratulations Heather and Tom!

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Last night was Heather (my friend from work) and Tom’s wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception was at The Madison in Covington.  A lot of people from my work showed up, and we had a great time hanging out and dancing the night away.  Check out pictures, below.


Dec 13 2006

Free Software

Free Firewall, Anti Virus, File Backup, etc. Solutions

Comodo is a company that sells SSL certificates and they are trying to get their name out as a “security provider” company.  Their techs put together some nice looking software packages – and they are free for personal and business use!  They have antivirus, firewall, antispam, backup, and more…all free!  I believe I read their firewall software won an award from PC magazine as an editor’s choice or something.  I have it installed and so far I really like it.  I’m going to try out their antispam and antivirus software next.  I hate what Symantec has done to their Norton line of products, so I don’t even have it installed anymore.  Won’t even consider it.  I’ll keep you posted on what I think about Comodo’s other products.


Dec 10 2006

Christmas Party

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Saturday night was the Christmas Party at the Drawbridge Inn.  We had a great time – really good food this year, Jaime drove down from Pittsburgh and Molly and Andy showed up too.  The highlight of the night was a Kareoke contest (The Car-Part Idol Show) where the winner would be awarded a $100 gift card to Best Buy!  After much nagging encouragement from the group at my table, and Emily submitting my entry for me, I was 3rd to perform my rendition of Ice Ice Baby.   My performance was highlighted by the finale – I did the worm across the floor :)  I got two 10’s and one 7 from the judges – the highest score of the night.  The finals were between myself and Patty.  The original plan for the finals had each contestant performing the other finalists song – so Patty would have had to do Ice Ice Baby and I was going to have to sing some country song (something about a County?  Can’t recall).  However, Jeff Schroder stepped up and mandated an executive order to allow the finalists to perform a song of their choosing.  Sounded like a good idea to me – because while they were cueing up the song for me to sing, I had already performed part of Patty’s song, part of a Garth Brooks song, and one other!
I closed my performance with my all time favorite song for kareoke – Just a Giggalo!  I had some dance steps (can you really call it that?) and a lot of liquid courage in my veins, but I put on a performance that would have made David Lee Roth proud!  I think my final scores for that round were a 10, 10, 8.  So,yes…I won 🙂

After the party ended at midnight, we went down to the Drawbridge’s night club, The Crossbow (which actually has a sign that says “Ft. Mitchell’s Number One Nightclub” or something like that!) and hung out with the work crew down there.  That place is a riot though – its seems to be “the place” for the 40+ crowd to play hookup with people half their age ;)  I was taking pictures of coworkers and was actually told by a bounce that we were not allowed to take them.  Guess the married guys don’t want their wives to see their pictures popup on some website.

We’ll get the photos online tomorrow.


Dec 08 2006


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