Jun 04

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again…and fail

Tag: Chip,General,GrrrEmily @ 7:56 am

Well, after months of training, Chip has finally won the battle of the toilet.  Last week out of nowhere he decided to refuse to use it.  He began to “go” in the bathroom sinks and showers.  Luckily those were easily cleanable spots (as opposed to carpet), but equally, if not more disgusting.  Even after severe coaxing and generous treat giving, he still refused. 

So, to my complete and utter disappointment, we are back to square one with a litter box.  I hate it.  It also brings up another problem of where to put it.  We had it in the laundry room before, but we had to have a baby gate up so Megabyte wouldn’t eat the “crunchy kitty treats,”  but I don’t want to have to have baby gates up in the house forever. 

We’re thinking about maybe putting in a kitty door in the basement door or something.  We’re not sure yet.  Oh well.  Win some, lose some.  Chip won this time.


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