Jun 19

Something’s gotta give

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I’m at my wits end with Chip lately.  My arms and legs have scars on them from his nails, and we can’t even walk through our house without getting attacked.  Lately, Chip sits in the corners and waits with his ears back and eyes squinted waiting for the slightest movement of your toes or legs and then attacks, wrapping himself around your legs, biting and clawing ferociously. 

I can’t stand it any longer, and Megabyte is starting to really get annoyed and bite him hard when he plays too rough.  I called my vet and asked about declawing.  I know there are a lot of animal rights issues surrounding declawing, but I’ve tried to live with him since November, and it’s just getting worse.  Sorry Chip, either the claws have to go, or you do.  We’ll try the claws first.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Wow I’m really suprised to hear that about Chip. If a cat or kitten behaves like that you need to smack them immediately and say no and not allow them to do it. And you just have to keep doing that over and over again anytime it happens and then usually that breaks them of the habit right away.

    Getting Chip declawed sounds like a good idea but just remember that won’t stop the bitting only the scratching. I’ve only had one cat in my lifetime that was just like Chip and would never calmn down no matter what we did, so we had no choice but to give her away. I’m glad to hear that Chip has been bahaving lately. I hope that he has started to see the light and has decided to behave for good. Good Luck!

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