Nov 23

well isnt this fun?

*edit: i tried to post from my cell phone…but the box to type the actual blog didn’t show up so I couldn’t finish it*
Well, for the first time in probably 6 years, I had a hard drive failure. This happened in my new PC – the one I built about 3 or so months ago. The drive is under warranty, but of course, that does nothing for my data. I’ve been able to pull off my thunderbird mail files – haven’t tested their integrity yet. Glad I could get those, as I have just about all my emails since 2001 or 2002 and would die if I lost all those.
Once I have it up and running, I’ll sign up for’s service and start my backups again with Comodo Backup (free!).
It woudl be one thing if I heard the drive clicking or saw error messages in the Windows Syslog – but no. The PC locked up on Sunday afternoon, then bluescreened. I rebooted and it was trying to load GRUB off one of my secondary drives (guess it was installed on there from some previous install). Wierd…booted with an XP cd and the pc was assigning my XP drive with an E:. Reloaded the windows boot loader and reset the MBR only to have it reboot into XP and immediately bluescreen. Wonderful. Guess I know what I’ll be doing over the next few days – trying to recover data, and reinstalling Windows. I had XP Pro 64bit this last time ardound. Maybe I will go Vista Ultimate 64 bit this time. Of..maybe I’ll toss it all away and install Ubuntu. Its worked well for months on my laptop and I’m addicted to Frozen Bubble 🙂
Lesson learned:
No more OEM harddrives for me. Retail only.

4 Responses to “well isnt this fun?”

  1. Mom C says:

    Isn’t what fun…nothing is under the title… this a scavenger hunt…we have to supply a photo or idea to fit the title?

  2. Mom C says:

    Isn’t what fun? nothing under title….

  3. Emily C. says:

    This whole post is just gibberish to me. All I can gather from it is “mad husband” “will not see husband for the next week because he’ll be working feverishly and angrily on his computer” 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    Or just scrub it all and buy a Mac. I mean really, do you want to be that dorky guy in the commercial anymore?? How about a switch to the “cool” Mac guy. It’s simply Mac, not Ubuntu, Vista 480×640, Nintendo 64, Windows 98 crap.

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