Jan 04

New TV!!!

Tag: Computers and Electronics,The HousePaul C. @ 4:20 pm
I’ve been watching the different models of HD TV’s for the last few months and saved my birthday BBY gift cards (including my kareoke winnings), bday checks (thanks everyone!), and a little hard earned cash and finally bought one. Picked this up last night at Best Buy using their buy online, pickup at the store option on BestBuy.com. Its the Samsung HL-S4676S – 46″ rear projection DLP Slimline TV. Comsumer Reports rated some other DLP models by samsung very highly, but I went with this one because it has a smaller foot print (only about 10 inches deep, compared to my current Sony Trinitron 36″ TV that is almost 30 inches deep). I picked up an “HD” antenna from best buy as well, but I’m not happy with the range so I will probably take it back and get a Terk HDTVI or HDTVA. That model is highly reccomended on the AVS Forum and I’ve had a couple of friends reccomend them as well. Hopefully I’ll upgrade to digital cable or HD Sattellite one of these days, but I still can’t make myself pay that much money for TV programming. I do miss the Speed Channel (although *not* the nascar crap) and G4/Tech TV.

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  1. Gates says:

    I too have samsung DLP HDTV… I love it!

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