Jan 10

I’m the big Air Head!

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I listen to Air 1 Radio all the time (90.1FM for those in our area).  I love listening to AirHead Trivia on days that I can catch it, it’s usually on about 11:00am daily.  I sometimes try to get on it b/c the questions seem relatively easy…

Today I was driving back from a school visit with a kid, and called in and loe and behold I got through!  I was going to be an AirHead trivia player!  I was playing a welder (Devin) and a student (Kristin).  I forgot where they were from. 

The first question was: In bowling, if you knock down all pins with two balls you have scored a what?  We all chimed in at the same time, but Kristin squeaked hers in sooner and got it right with “a spare”

The second question was: What century are we living in?  Again, we all chimed in at once, but Devin’s chime was heard first and he got a point for “21st”

The third question was:  What device regulates the temperature in your house?  I chimed in first and got a point for “thermostat”

That made a three-way tie 1-1-1.

The fourth question was:  In the game of Cribbage, you move what to keep score?  Even though I don’t play, I knew it was the game with the board and pegs, so I chimed in first and got a point for “pegs”

The fifth questions was:  What are the three states of matter?  Devin chimed in first with “liquid, solid and gas” and got a point.

That put Kristin out of the running, and Devin and I had a tie-breaker question for the win.

The fifth and final tie-breaker question was: True/False: boxing is considered the sweet science.  I was thinking true, but was too scared to chime in, thinking I’d lose the game.  Devin chimed in about 6 seconds later and said “false”  Since it was true, I WON!!  I was the BIG AIRHEAD!

I won two Sanctus Real cds and a 1-year Bible.  Cool :-)  Congratulations me on my 15 minutes of fame!


3 Responses to “I’m the big Air Head!”

  1. Chris says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! What sound did you use for was chime?

    I love Santus Real’s newest album. Hope you do too!

  2. Emily says:

    I used “mememememe!!!” hehe

  3. Eric enberg says:

    Just passing through. Glad to see some saints on bluehost. Air 1, a very cool station. I’m in the Sacramento, CA area. Eric@CMN

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