May 05 2006

Banned: smoking in cars with kids

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 12:27 pm :: Northwest Arkansas’ News Source
It would be great it more states followed Arkasas (for a change!). They have a bill going thru their state government banning smoking in cars if there is a child strapped into a carseat (so basically under 7 yrs old). Thats something that always ticked me off — going to Wal-Mart for some groceries and see both parents climb out of a car with lit ciggarettes.
Sounds like a good idea to me!

May 04 2006

Stupid gallery

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 7:43 am

For some reason, the gallery for the black belt promotion isn’t working right. Some pictures don’t do anything when you click on them, and even though it’s on there, the video for the board breaking won’t come up either. Paul and I have to redo the entire album tomorrow night. Bear with us please! We’re taking it down for now, but we’ll let everyone know when it’s back up and running smoothly.


May 03 2006


Tag: General,KarateEmily @ 8:32 am

The pictures of the black belt ceremony are up! I’m still trying to get the video of my board breaking online, I’m having some trouble with it.
Click on the pictures below to see the rest!

May 02 2006

It’s Official!

Tag: General,KarateEmily @ 9:11 pm

I had my black belt graduation ceremony tonight, so I’m “officially” a black belt! I even went to my first black belt class tonight.

For the promotion, we each did a kata (form) and gave a little speech to give thanks to everyone who helped us on our journey. Then we broke some boards; I broke 3 (palm, front kick and side kick). Unfortunatly they again, didn’t have concrete so no major cool breaking yet 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get to do that someday. After breaking we got our belts!

I have a TON of pictures, and I don’t have time to wade through them all tonight. I’ll get them up tomorrow. Paul did a wonderful job getting videos of me breaking this time, so you can see my brute strength *smirks*

More to come tomorrow!

May 01 2006


Tag: The HouseEmily @ 8:11 pm

We started putting the little wall in the front yard today. We have to buy many more bricks, but this will give you an idea about what we’re doing. It will eventually wrap around like an “S” to meet up with the driveway, making a few turns on the way. There will be some bricks around the tree and around the bush on the left of the garage. Click on the picture below to see the rest of the pictures from today’s work.

May 01 2006


Tag: Friends,GeneralEmily @ 7:59 pm

There are a few more pictures of Patrice and Halle (her puppy) in the gallery. Click the picture below to see them (they are located on page 2).

May 01 2006


Tag: The HouseEmily @ 1:11 pm

From Emily:
Paul and I are pepping up our landscaping in the front of our house. We’re putting in bricks to define the front bed and around the tree in the front (which we think is an oak tree). We started it yesterday, but the downpour of rain kind of tainted our efforts. We’ll put some pictures up as we progress.

We should be getting grass this week as well. They need to finish the sidewalk on the houses next to us, then they will be ready. One of the builder guys said sometime this week. We’ll believe it when we see it!

From Paul:
I wouldn’t call them bricks, but its all semantics right? 🙂 I think it will turn out nice and we are looking forward to working on more stuff once the grass is down and we have a “final” grading done to the yard. Then my dear ol dad will have to come visit so he can instruct us on a back deck (he’s quite the expert dontchaknow). I’m looking forward to getting the rest of the clothes and stuff (RIGHT emily? 😉 ) out of the garage so I can unpack the tools and start thinking about a work bench and storage for the garage.

May 01 2006

Tag: Friends,GeneralEmily @ 9:14 am

Had a really fun weekend…my best friend Mary came here from Illinois to visit for the weekend. We finally got to spend some time together; she was here for Paul’s 30th Bday party in December, but the weekend was so hectic that we really didn’t get much time together. We pretty much hung out and relaxed all weekend. She has been traveling a lot for work and Paul and I have been really busy with the house, so it was nice to sit around and just relax.

On Friday we went to Buffalo Bob’s family restaurant in Florence. It was pretty good; I had the pulled pork which was good, and all other stuff looked yummy.

On Saturday we went to The Funny Bone Comedy Club in Newport. We saw Caroline Rhea from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Biggest Loser. She was great! We learned that you have to come with 4 people though. The seating is really strange. The tables are all 4-tops, and if you have 2 or 3 people, you get stuck with strangers. It was weird…we had a group of 5 next to us and one of them had to sit with the table next to them. Several couples went out for what appeared to be a nice night out, and got stuck sitting at the itty bitty 4-top tables with another couple. Weird. But…the show was great and it was a no-smoking showtime, so it was even better.

Overall, a really nice relaxing weekend. Hope you had fun Mary!


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