May 30

Left Behind

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Since Paul hasn’t installed the “now reading” feature on our website, I’ll keep everyone up to tabs on my books 😉

I started the 3rd book in the series Left Behind over the weekend:

I can’t believe (and niether can Paul) how fast I’m reading these books. They are really gripping and you can’t put them down. And…they keep getting better the more you read. I’m trying to get Paul to read them too, we’ll see if he jumps on the bandwagon with me.

5 Responses to “Left Behind”

  1. Kurt says:

    Jodie got burned out after book 7 or 8 in the series i think. She was reading them as they came out and she could not wait from one to the next. Then she said the books started dragging, like one book would only be one day in the story. She stopped reading them after that happened she didnt like the new style. (Proablly did it to keep the series alive and sell more books).

  2. Daniel says:

    Don’t do it, Paul! Noooooo!!!

  3. Emily says:

    *nods* Each book does seem to only cover a very short amount of time, and there seems to be a lot of time between books that we don’t read about.

  4. Amberly says:

    I just finished the series and I think the last one was probably the best! I agree that some of the books can drag out-but I think that is because the events aren’t as dynamic. However, the meaning behind them is what is really moving…reading about Glorious Appearing was amazing.

  5. Joannah Ginsburg says:

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