May 22


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Grrr….so again…we’re waiting on our house. We were promised seed & straw for our yard by June 1st. I called the sales counselor today to ask if she’d heard anything about grass, since the deadline is only about a week away. She said that she’d heard from other people this morning and was already on the phone with the superintendent.
The superintendent called me back and said that they are getting rid of all the rocks and putting down topsoil today, but that it may be weeks before we get seeded due to weather. Weather? The weather’s been great! Grr…anyway, who knows when we’ll get grass…or a fence. Hopefully things will turn around and we’ll get it sooner than later; I’m so tired of DIRT (so is Megabyte).
Wonder if Fischer’s ‘oopsie’ has anything to do with this taking so long (Fischer is our builder’s parent company).

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