Mar 25

Black Belt!

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I don’t even have words to describe the pain and exhaustion I feel right now. It hurts to type.

The test went great. Paul and my mom were there to watch me. I thought they would get to watch from across the room in the waiting area, but they made them sit at the edge of the mats where we tested…no stress!! I did great though. The sparring was horrific, torturous and brutal. I took a hard roundhouse kick to the head and now I can’t move my neck…I have to go to the chiropractor tomorrow morning. 🙁 Other than that, I got bruised, beaten and pounded for 2 minutes. I never want to do that again. But I did it.

Everything else was pretty smooth. I made it through kicks, punches and blocks with no problems, and katas went surprisingly well too.

I broke like a champ 🙂 We had to break one board with a punch, one board with a side kick, two boards with a palm strike and two boards with a front kick. I broke them all on the first try! Unfortunatly, the person that bought the concrete bought the wrong type, so we couldn’t break concrete tonight. (darn 😉 hehe)
We have a ceremony in 2-3 weeks where we will actually receive our black belts and be promoted. I assume that we’ll have to break concrete at that ceremony.

I have to get to bed. My body aches and my pillow is calling my name. We got some good pictures, I’ll post them tomorrow when I’m feeling a bit more chipper.

Thanks to everyone who sent thoughts and prayers my way…they really helped!!

Congrats also to Cathy who tested with me and passed too!! Way to go girl! We did it! 🙂


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  1. Paul C. says:

    Talk about amazing. Honestly something I will never do, but will encourage my kids to do. Emily was spot on for her katas and everything else. She had two 1 minute sparring sessions. The first were against some very quick 2nd degree black belts. Think of it this way – you, in a 14×14 foot ring, trying to defend yourself against to people trying to kill you. And this is after you spent 4 hours doing everyting else in your test.
    They took a 30 sec. break and over to my left, I notice Sensei Steve suiting up. Sensei Steve is a 6th (?) degree black belt. They kind of guy who could break your ribs on accident. Emily said to us “I knew this was going to happen….Sensei Steve has been waiting 12 years for this!”. He was probably pretty gentle in his own mine, but manged a round house kick to the back of emily’s head that knocked her head gear loose. Her kneck is pretty stiff from that 🙂 It was a very interesting spar though, as it spent very little time on the ground and emily landed/committed quite a few kicks and punches that surprised her opponents.

    My wife….kicks ass.

  2. Daniel says:

    congrats em!

    what kind of concrete do they use?

  3. Lary says:

    Hoorah – congratulations! Hopefully your neck will loosen up quickly – you will need it to move all your stuff into the house!

    Well done


  4. Emily says:

    They are 24″ concrete blocks, like the ones used in landscaping. 2″ thick. Here’s something like it:

  5. Sean C says:

    Wow Em! I’m impressed… Congratulations!

    I look forward to seeing the pics (and more video?) from the ceremony.

  6. Chris says:


  7. mary says:

    Way to go Em!!! I am so proud of you .

  8. Cindy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Emily! I give you props for doing your thing and doing it so well. I can only imagine the hours and pain you must have put in to get your Black belt. And you get to celebrate by moving into your new hosue, which congrats on that also. Can’t wait to see the new place.

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