Mar 17

Homeowners again!

Tag: The HousePaul C. @ 1:31 pm

Signed, sealed and delivered. We are now homeowners again. Our real estate agent decided not to show up, but I will not go there at this time…Lets just say she’s an under achiever and won’t get any leads from us (this is NOT the same person that sold our house. Our selling agent was great!).
Anyway, the meeting took all of about 30 minutes this morning, and us forking over a check for $34k. Biggest check we have ever written 🙂
Now, its time to start planning my deck and what trees and plants we want to go with in the back yard. Any suggestions? I was actually thinking of a weeping willow on the street side of the yard, or the back right corner where it starts to dip down to go to the creek. The area is a high-sun area, and winters can get to around 0-10 degrees here. We are in a 6b-7b zone I think. Would be open to suggestions. No fruit trees, don’t want megabyte eating the fallen fruit! Something that grows farily quickly and can grow tall. I also thought about some bamboo, but figured that may look a little wierd 🙂

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  1. Lary says:

    Homeowners again! Don’t recommend a weeping willow tree. They can get very messy and ten to have surface roots that wander all over the place. They also don’t do well in the wind because of their shallow roots. Silver maples grow relatively quicklly – that is what is on the corner of our yard. River Birch also do pretty well and like lots of water. Those are the two on the bacl of our yard. Bamboo is opretty but is is very very invasive and spreads with runners that pop up all over the place to create new plants. It will crowd out just about anyting else and become a real nuisance. Good luck. Get a good book on perrenials and trees.

  2. Kurt says:

    Congratulations! I would not have the first clue what grows up there in Yankee land. I just planed a couple of peach and apple trees down here but you don’t want fruit. I would warn you that bamboo is cool, grows straight and tall, and FAST…but it can take over and be hard to contain. Anyway congrats and i am sure you guys will love the whole experience, the building chapter is closed, now it is the moving and settling chapter.

  3. Mom C says:

    We are so excited for you! Tried to call last night and let you know we had been thinking of you all day. Your house looks so wonderful. we are looking forward to seeing it in person. I remember being paranoid about where Ihung up pictures…not wanting to violate that pristine wall with a poorly hammered nail hole! Congratulations!!!

  4. Daniel says:

    Weeping Willows were always my favorite. I remember swinging from the vines playing tarzan as a kid, heh.

  5. Heinz and Colleen says:

    willow trees are quite messy and their root systems can be quite invase to septic and water systems. They are also quite prone to wind and snow load damage. I am afraid that if you plant bamboo that it will haunt you forever. Quite invasive (just think of Dandelions)

  6. Emily says:

    I guess everyone will just have to come and see the yard in person and tell us what will be best 🙂

  7. Kurt says:

    Larry had a good suggestion with the silver maple…we planted one the week sydney was born for her and it grew at least 3-4 feet the first year. I dont know what grows in your frozen tundra up that way but if a silver maple will grow it is a good way to go. I just wish we still lived where we planted the tree…oh well had to get a bigger place, now we have planted two apple and a peach tree. I will prob get sydney a new silver maple, and one for her little sister who is on her way.

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