Mar 27

We’re so bad…

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 9:31 am

So we went to HHGregg yesterday just to look at side-by-side fridges b/c Paul really wanted one. We found one we really liked, but it turns out that the freezer door would hit the wall in our kitchen when it opened, so we can’t get one. Paul and I found a really nice GE fridge, top and bottom that has an icemaker and a water dispenser in it, and it’s all black like we really wanted in the first place.

After finding our fridge, we decided to take a look to see how much the basic washer/dryer we got costs there. Our sales guy made us an unbelievable deal, and we ended up picking out a much higher quality washer/dryer with TONS more features. The dryer even has a moisture detector that stops it when it detects that there’s no more moisture in the clothes. Talk about energy efficient!

All in all, we got the new & better fridge, washer and dryer for the same price as the ones we “settled” for at Best Buy. The worst part of it all was having to go back to Best Buy and cancel that entire order…they hated us!! Oh well. Money speaks.

Here’s links to our new appliances:
Fridge: Click here
Washer: Click here
Dryer: Click here

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