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Cathedral Domain

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For the Labor Day weekend, Paul and I went with our church to Cathedral Domain. The Episcopal Diocese of Lexington have over 800 acres of land near Irvine, KY that has a camp and conference center on it. Each church gets ‘a weekend’ at the Domain, and Labor Day is our church’s weekend. It’s a great time to meet members of the church. It’s not a retreat type weekend, it’s more of a ‘come and hang out and meet some people that you see every week’ type thing. It was great.
We could have stayed in a camp with 12 bunk beds on either side and share a restroom, but since it was our first year going, and we didn’t know that many people, we opted for what people referred to as the “Hilton,” which was more of a dorm-type setup, with a double occupancy room with it’s own bathroom. Quite spiffy for a camp!

We got to the Domain Friday night about 915pm, unloaded, then took a walk around to see what the place was like. We met a few people then headed off to bed. We spent the weekend hanging out with new friends, getting to know people, playing games, eating (a lot), sitting by the pool, having a few drinks (well…Paul anyway) and a lot of laughs. We did some hiking, and caving as well. We are really glad we went. We finally got to put names, and life stories to about 50 people that we’ve seen in church for years but never have gotten to know.

We’re really glad for the experience. We want to feel more a part of the church, especially because we’re bringing our little one into it. Everyone was very excited to hear that we are expecting. There were actually 2 other women that were pregnant at the Domain; one due in February, and one in April, so our little one will have instant friends!

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