May 29

Should we start taking bets?

Tag: baby2,GeneralEmily @ 8:55 am

Our sonogram date is June 29th. We are very excited to find out if this little baby is a boy or girl! Sean always says that it’s a baby boy, but some of us are feeling the girl vibes pretty strong! Any bets?? Ours are:

Emily – boy
Paul – girl
Lil Sean -boy

4 Responses to “Should we start taking bets?”

  1. Aunt She-She says:

    Aunt She- She says GIRL
    Uncle Brian says BOY

  2. Emily says:

    Aunt SheShe was right last time too….hmm….

  3. daniel says:


  4. Aunt She-She says:

    I hope it’s a girl – I need to dress someone up in a tu-tu! 😉
    But I’d be happy with another nephew as well – especially if he’s anything like Sean 🙂

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