May 31

He’s just too smart.

Tag: General,SeanAndrewEmily @ 7:38 am

So I was just telling Sean that we were going to go watch the Memorial Day parade in a few minutes, and that there would be kids, firetrucks, police trucks, soldiers, etc etc and that they would throw some candy at us and he would get to keep the candy. Of course, I thought he would be super excited about the candy part, but his reply was “I don’t need candy from the policeman, I have candy at home.” Classic.

2 Responses to “He’s just too smart.”

  1. Mimi says:

    Did he like the parade and did he gather candy even though he has his home stash? He liked the 4th of July parade I took him to last year…especially the fire engines…but didn’t get candy last year. Too young…but I wasn’t and I ate it! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    He LOVED the candy. He was doing his “excited” and cackling outloud every time candy was thrown. He couldn’t get enough! They even had a horse carriage this time which he liked too!

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