Jun 09

Stay at home mommy

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Next week starts my new job of stay at home mommy! I was officially done with work yesterday, but will be keeping Sean in daycare for the rest of the week so I can get my 12 page paper and 2 presentations finished for my summer class, and get the house in a little more order.
I’m really looking forward to spending time with Sean this summer. We have lots of fun stuff planned, like going to the zoo, the aquarium, Sunrock Farm (local petting zoo), Children’s museum, lots of walks, swimming and playtime. I bought Sean some new “big boy” thick crayons which he used for the first time yesterday. He really loved putting them in a tupperware so he could see them all, and picking them out one by one to color with. He has learned “purpur”, “buw” and “reeeeh” (purple, blue and red) and actually likes to color with pink a lot, despite what daddy thinks. 🙂

We have an appointment at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati on Thursday to get Sean’s eye looked at. He’s had blocked tear ducts since his first month. One cleared up, but the other never has. Poor boy can’t even open his eye most mornings because it’s so gucked up. The exam is Thursday, and then I assume they’ll schedule a time soon to get the procedure done to open the tear duct up. It’s very very simple and takes less than 5 minutes, so I’m not too worried about it…yet.

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  1. Aunt She-She says:

    Yay!! Have a blast with Sean this summer!

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