Jun 13

Big Boy

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 11:34 am

Sean had his first ever big boy sleepover at UmBri and SheShe’s house (Brian and Ashley) last night. Ash had been talking about wanting to keep him overnight, so they did! Paul and I went to Brio’s for dinner, then to see The Hangover, which btw was a hilarious movie, and then got a really great night’s sleep!

We got a call late this morning to pick up Sean; he had slept perfectly through the night; from 7:45-7:30am. He had fun with Ash last night playing, and had breakfast with her and Brian this morning. They are just smitten with him 🙂

He had a really good time, and I’m sure will want to do it again! He wanted to be sure that he was the ruler of their house too, before little cousins get there someday. What a big boy!

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