Feb 16 2007

Harvard Scholar

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 5:46 pm

Chip is so smart! About 5 minutes after I took away his litter box he went in the bathroom and searched around for it for a little while, then jumped up onto the toilet and peed in the training kit thing! Yay Chip!! A big HA! to everyone who doubted me! 🙂

Hopefully he’ll continue to progress and he’ll be like the cat on Meet the Fockers sooner than we know it!

Feb 16 2007

Step 3

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 5:43 pm

Step 3 is to remove the litter box completely and have only the toilet for him to go in.  We’ll see what happens!!

On a side note, it’s pretty pathetic that the most exciting thing going on in our lives (based on our past few posts) has been toilet training the cat. *smirk*

Feb 13 2007

Step 2

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 2:26 pm

The “CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit” came yesterday!  I went ahead and set it up; figured it couldn’t hurt if he got used to it and maybe used it early…

He seems to like it, Paul said he’s using it as a sandbox instead of a potty though.  I’ll have to catch him going in the litterbox and see if I can redirect him to the toilet.  Check out the pictures:



Feb 09 2007

JVC KD-AVX33 In-Dash LCD Monitor – CarDomain

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 10:00 am

Sean and I are famous! Click above link to see 🙂

Feb 08 2007

Houston, we have a problem!

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 9:02 am

Chip was making a racket last night around 3am, so I shut him in the guest bathroom with his potty.  When I went to open the door this morning to let him out, It wouldn’t open.  He had somehow opened the vanity drawer right next to the door all the way.  I could only open the door about a 1/8 inch slit before it banged into the vanity drawer.  Good going Chip.  How was I going to get you out?  As I sat thinking, he kept screaming his lungs off crying to get out of the room.

I tried getting a pencil through the crack to push against the side of the vanity door to nudge it closed, but the crack in the door wasn’t big enough even for a pencil to fit through.  Argh!  I finally came up with the brilliant idea of getting a steak knife and sticking that through the crack and nudging the drawer shut 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch until it closed.  Brilliant mind, if I say so myself 🙂

*sigh*  What a morning. 

Feb 07 2007

Saddest commercial ever

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 8:06 pm

I hardly ever cry over stuff on tv, but I actually had a tear in my eye from this commercial. I felt like running right to the pound to adopt a pup. 🙁 Pedigree sure knows how to pull on the heart strings.

Click here to see the video.

Feb 07 2007

Step 1

Tag: Chip,Fun,GeneralEmily @ 5:20 pm

Got home today and moved Chip’s litter box to the guest bathroom (sorry guests!).  He seems to like it; peed right away (good boy!).  Next step is to raise the litter box up 1-2 inches every couple days until it’s even with the toilet.  Hah, we’ll see how that goes.  He’ll probably knock it over!

Feb 07 2007

Am I crazy or just plain stupid?

Tag: Chip,Fun,GeneralEmily @ 1:20 pm

I have a new endeavor.  I’m going to toilet train Chip.  Don’t laugh.

I’ve been researching it for quite some time, and Dr. Heekin said it’s definitly possible.  Today I bought the CitiKitty toilet training kit and tonight begins the training!

I’ll be taking pictures of him throughout the process, hopefully he won’t mind.

It’ll probably take a few months, but it’ll be worth it in the end to never have a litter box again!


My hope is that Chip will look like this one day:


Feb 06 2007

The White Death is coming!

Tag: GeneralEmily @ 10:58 am

It’s that time of year again for KY to brace itself for the “Level 3 Emergency” deadly snowfalls of 1-3 inches *smirk*

We’re due to get 1-3 today around noon and schools are letting out, there’s a buzz around the office about going home early, and people are running to the store to stock up on basic necessities.  All the news channels are running “winter storm” articles as well.

It all cracks me up.  Check it out: Cincinnati.com

“Hi, I’m from Kentucky, and I’m a snowophobic”  Geez.

Feb 06 2007


Tag: Family,Friends,General,Grrr,Karate,The House,VacationEmily @ 9:07 am

Sorry to all our avid readers *smirk* that we haven’t posted in awhile.  We’ve both been really busy with work, Dliberation work, friends and family.  I was thinking back to this time last year, when we were buying our house, living at my mom’s, I was preparing for my black belt test, Emmaus was going on, we were having all sorts of car trouble, etc.  Whew, what a stressful few months!

Now, a year later, it’s happening again…not so many big things going on, but this time of year seems to be a tough one for us to get through.  We’re both swamped at work, there’s another black belt test coming up (thankfully this time I just get to watch everyone else), we have 3 mock trials coming up in the next month with Dliberation Resources, plus we are squeezing in a visit to St. Louis, and a couple of on-call weekends for me, and of course, Brian and Ashley’s upcoming wedding.

Luckily though, we’ve got Lost, Survivor, and The Amazing Race starting back up again (which we love), a great cruise to the Caribbean (YAY!), and April, which in general is our “ahhhhh, it’s all over” month.  Hopefully we’ll get back to posting soon, just wanted to keep everyone updated.


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