Feb 08

Houston, we have a problem!

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 9:02 am

Chip was making a racket last night around 3am, so I shut him in the guest bathroom with his potty.  When I went to open the door this morning to let him out, It wouldn’t open.  He had somehow opened the vanity drawer right next to the door all the way.  I could only open the door about a 1/8 inch slit before it banged into the vanity drawer.  Good going Chip.  How was I going to get you out?  As I sat thinking, he kept screaming his lungs off crying to get out of the room.

I tried getting a pencil through the crack to push against the side of the vanity door to nudge it closed, but the crack in the door wasn’t big enough even for a pencil to fit through.  Argh!  I finally came up with the brilliant idea of getting a steak knife and sticking that through the crack and nudging the drawer shut 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch until it closed.  Brilliant mind, if I say so myself 🙂

*sigh*  What a morning. 

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  1. DAD says:

    that is why our cat sleeps in the garage

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